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The editors are happy to publicize all manner of events relating to maps, and would welcome being notified of such events.
The Oxford Seminars in Cartography [TOSCA].
Meetings are held at:
The School of Geography
Mansfield Road
Nick Millea (Bodleian Library, Map Section) 
Tel: 01865-277013 
Fax: 01865-277139
[email protected]
Warburg Lectures: Maps And Society - Lectures in the history of cartography.
Convened by Tony Campbell (Map Library, British Library) and Catherine Delano Smith (Institute of Historical Research, London). Held at:
The Warburg Institute 
University of London
Woburn Square
London WC1H OAB
Admission is free. All are welcome. Meeting are followed by refreshments
Tony Campbell (Map Library, British Library)
0171 412 7525
Sotheby's London
Important Atlases & Cosmographies
Catherine Slowther
Tel: 0171 293 5291
Warburg Lecture (as above)
Professor Martha Pollak (Department of Art History, University of Illinois) ‘Military Strategy And City Plans In The Seventeenth Century.’
Tony Campbell (Map Library, British Library) 
0171 412 7525
Sotheby's London
Printed Books & Maps
Catherine Slowther
Tel: 0171 293 5291
Warburg Lecture (as above)
Ralph Ehrenberg (formerly Map Division, Library of Congress) ‘Airways: the Early Development of Aviation Cartography in the United States of America.'
Tony Campbell (Map Library, British Library) 
0171 412 7525
Oxford Seminars in Cartography (as above)
Rose Mitchell (Public Record Office) ‘Contention the Mother of Invention: early maps of England in the Public Record Office
Nick Millea (Bodleian Library, Map Section)
Tel: 01865-277013 
Fax: 01865 277139
[email protected]
Christie's King Street, London
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IMCoS Nineteenth International Map Fair
Commonwealth Conference & Events Centre
Kensington High Street
London W8
11.00 - 17.30 (IMCoS Members 10.30)
Harry Pearce 
Tel: 44(0) 181 769 5041
Fax: 44(0) 181 677 5417
Christie's King Street, London
Valuable Printed Books & Manuscripts
Tel: 0171 839 9060
Fax: 0171 839 1611
Warburg Lecture (as above)
Professor Lena Cowen Orlin (Department of English, University of Maryland) ‘Reading Ralph Treswell’s Maps: Property Disputes in Tudor and Stuart London.
Tony Campbell (Map Library, British Library) 
0171 412 7525
Sotheby's London
Travel, Atlases & Natural History
Catherine Slowther
Tel: 0171 293 5291
Sotheby's London
Printed Books & Maps
Catherine Slowther
Tel: 0171 293 5291
Christie's King Street, London
Valuable Printed Books & Manuscripts
Tel: 0171 839 9060
Fax: 0171 839 1611

 [email protected]
Am I correct in thinking that every issue will stay online so that we can refer back?

Ann Sutherland
University of Edinburgh

The Editor: The intention is to issue monthly, and keep the first six issues online. That way new readers will have access to all issues while we build circulation up. At the end of June we will review the situation.
Terrific start.  I hope it goes well for you in this new venture.  Now, how do I get hold of the printed version?

Jason Hubbard

I am currently at work on a cartobibliography of printed maps showing New England 1513-1800.  Your article in MapForum on maps of the United States is, therefore, of great interest to me.  You list several maps which I have not come across, and I would much appreciate location information on them.  They are: 
1) Le tredici Colonie Unite dell'America Settentrionale per servire alla Storia dell'Anno 1781. 
2) The Roeder map, Nauwkeurige kaart von de XIII Provintien der Vereenigde Staaten...
3) Schopf, A Map of the United States of N. America 
4) The United States of America B. Tanner sculpt. (from Smith's Monthly Military Repository)
5) Jaettnis, Part of the United States of America nach dem Englischen original . . .
Also, I'm curious about the untitled Wilkes map of the United States.

Thank you for your help!

Barbara B. McCorkle
University of Kansas
The Editor: 
1. Anonymous United States [1782] 'Le Tredici Colonie Unite Dell'America Settentrionale Per Servire Alla Storia Dell' Anno 1781.'
From: [Anonymous] 'Storia Politica Dell'Anno 1781' Modena, 1782
165 x 230   Copper engraving
Clements Library, Map Catalogue, IV, p.352: col.3: Le Tredici;

2. Roeder United States [1782] 'Nauwkeurige Kaart Van De XIII Provintien Der Vereenigde Staaten Von Noord America. Te Amsterdam Bij Allart En Holtrop.' 'T.C. De Roeder Fec. Et Delin.' 'P. Mol. Sculps.'
From: Robin 'Nieuwe Reize Door Noord-Amerika' Amsterdam, 1782.
190 x 220  Copper engraving
Clements Library, Map Catalogue, IV, p.352, col.1;

3. Schopf United States [1788]: 'A MAP of the / United States / of N. AMERICA. [2d]
From: Schopf 'Reise Durch Einige Der Mittlern Und Südlichen Vereinigten Nordamerikanischen Staaten ...' Erlangen, 1788
135 x 175     Copper engraving
Wheat & Brun, 113 (notes); Karpinski, Michigan, pl.66;

4. Smith United States [1797] 'THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA. B. Tanner sculp.t' 'Published by C. Smith, New-York'
From: Charles Smith 'Monthly Military Repository' 1797-1798', New York, 1798
165 x 220    Copper engraving
Copy seen: private collection, in Smith's 'The American War...'
Wheat & Brun, 139;

5. Jattnig United States 1800: PART of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA nach dem Englischen Original gestochen von Carl Jättnig in Berlin. 1800.
From: Weld 'Reisen Durch Die Staaten Nord-Amerika' Vossischen Buchhandlung, Berlin, 1800
410 x 470        Copper engraving
Nordenskiold Collection Catalogue, III, 716, [2];

I have never seen items 1, 2 or 5, and only an illustration of 3.

The untitled Wilkes map is - I think - the first map of the United States wholly engraved and printed after Britain's political recognition of the U.S. in January 1783.  I know of only two or three examples of the first state. It clearly was used as a source for the title of Wallis' folio map.

The majority of the maps illustrated, and some not, are in a private collection I've been helping to put together for an American client.

More importantly, however, what did I miss out ?? Does anybody else know of any?

It's always interesting to see how times the site is visited as it provides an indication to readers how many others are interested in maps.
An explanation as to who "you" are would be helpful.

Mark Slauter

The Editor: 
Both these points have the same answer: we wanted to see how much interest was roused before we opened ourselves up to ridicule! Our mailing list started from scratch in January, and we had to have a product before we registered with the search engines, so we were unsure how quickly word would get around.
We were pleasantly surprised: our anonymity actually worked for us because people started asking each other if anybody knew anything, so word spread. We were discussed on MapHist, so a lot of "hard-core" cartophiles were introduced that way. Then Yahoo broke all records (in my experience) and actually listed us within a month of our first registration! We have received approximately 150 e-mails, but this of course does not include those who merely visited. We are delighted with the results.
Help Me!
I'm an italian comics writer. For my book I need information about this map

Here be dragon...
Hic sunt leones

Can you help me?

Francesco Moriconi

what is a good source for map research, trying to discover 
information on Antonio Zatta, have one work "IL Canada", Le Colonie 
Inglesi con La Luiglanae Florida di nuova Projeziona Venezia 1778.

any information would be helpful

thank you
David Schoonmaker

The Editor: 'Il Canada'  is a general map of Eastern North America, published in Zatta's 'Atlante Novissimo' (Venice, 1778). The 'Atlante Novissimo' is one of the leading Italian atlases of the period, and the maps among the most popular of the period, generally being in bright original hand colour.

Unfortunately, I don't know a good English language source on Zatta or the atlas.

"Netscape is unable to locate the server 'mail'"

That is the note I get when I try to send my completed on-line form to be part of the mailing list.

Please Help.

The Editor: Do you use Netscape to send your usual mail? If you don't the problem is probably that your e-mail preferences have not been set. Look in the menu under:

Edit -Preferences - Mail & Newsgroups - Mail Servers

Your Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server should match your e-mail programme. "Mail" is Netscape's default setting

I am unfortunately experiencing difficulty with your advertisers' 'links'. Is there a temporary problem with your site or is it my server?
The Editor: There were a couple of bad links on the site, including Graham Franks', but generally they work. One point to remember is that the links open up in a new window: if one of these windows is not closed the new page will appear in the old window, often minimized (ie hidden behind the main window).
The problem with using a single table to list information is that the page will not show until the entire table is downloaded. When we tried to load in the table with the list of maps of the US, it took literally five minutes to load!  A lot of people won't wait even 30 seconds.

Christopher W. Lane
The Philadelphia Print Shop, Ltd.

The Editor: Sorry. When you are used to a good modem  it is easy to forget how long it can take. We will be changing the formats to speed things up.

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The Editors welcome enquiries from readers on the identification of maps and / or for biographical information relating to particular maps

These enquiries are deemed to be for publication, and will be dealt with only on that basis. The Editors will not normally reply separately to enquiries.

Therefore, all enquiries should be accompanied by a good quality illustration of the map, JPEG FORMAT, 50KB AT MOST, suitable for publication, with dimensions, and, if necessary, transcription of relevant titles, imprints and so on.

Enquiries should be restricted to a single topic, and be suitable for publication.

The Editors will not advise on matters of value, but may be able to recommend suitable avenues for vendors or appraisals. 


The Editors are currently working on a companion dictionary to the history of cartography, and hope to be in a position to be able to issue draft sections in 2000, and would be pleased to be informed of obscure, or little-known, map-makers, engravers, authors, publishers or so on.


The Editors have access to a substantial photograph library, principally of black and white images, but also colour transparencies, and would be pleased to deal with enquiries for reproduction and publication

It may be possible to supply copies of the images featured in this journal, subject to copyright restrictions.