Welcome to the third issue of MapForum.com.

This issue is again rather later than was originally planned - principally a consequence of the recent closure of the British Library, on account of an industrial dispute involving staff responsible for delivery of items to the reading rooms.  Although the Library re-opened last week, the closure has meant that two principal articles, in the last stages of editing, have had to be postponed, and replaced by briefer pieces. The articles will now appear in the next issue.

It is to be hoped that the re-opening marks a permanent solution to the dispute, although both sides seem only to have agreed on a process to reach agreement !

As a tantalising glimpse in side the new British Library Map Library - for those who haven't yet had the pleasure - we have a short news item on the unrolling (unveiling might be a more suitable description) of the BL's manuscript map of Scotland, drawn by Paul Sandby, circa 1749-1755. This gives an inkling of the marvellous facilities offered by the new Library at St. Pancras.  After all the adverse publicity attracted by the new building it is a delight to work in the new, purpose designed Map Reading Room.  As the Library settles into the new building and some of the inevitable teething problems of such a huge project sort themselves out, the Map Library promises to be a wonderful place to conduct research.

Ashley Baynton-Williams

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