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The Oxford Seminars in Cartography [TOSCA].
Meetings are held at:
The School of Geography
Mansfield Road
Nick Millea (Bodleian Library, Map Section) 
Tel: 01865-277013 
Fax: 01865-277139
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Warburg Lectures: Maps And Society - Lectures in the history of cartography.
Convened by Tony Campbell (Map Library, British Library) and Catherine Delano Smith (Institute of Historical Research, London). Held at:
The Warburg Institute 
University of London
Woburn Square
London WC1H OAB
Admission is free. All are welcome. Meeting are followed by refreshments
Tony Campbell (Map Library, British Library)
0171 412 7525
Hereford Cathedral
International Mappae Mundi Exhibition 1999
As part of the Mappa Mundi Conference 1999, the Mappa Mundi & Chained Library Exhibition is bringing together  nearly all the few surviving examples of medieval world maps from collections around the globe. 
These maps and books, some of which have never been seen publicly before, will be exhibited alongside the Hereford Mappa Mundi and Chained Library in the beautiful, award-winning New Library Building at Hereford Cathedral creating  an exhibition of unique and historical significance. 




end of
Map Room of the Royal Geographical Society
Exhibition of maps showing the paths of the total solar eclipse over England & Wales.
These are contemporary maps of the Ordnance Survey for the eclipses of 15 March 1858, 29 June 1927, and of 11 August 1999.  Thus the exhibition concentrates on the national mapping organisation's products of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and - fortuitously - acts as a continuation of those of the 18th century in the British Library Map Library's exhibition (see below)
The maps (with other related material) may be viewed in the Society's House Monday to Friday, 10.00-17.00 hours, until the end of September 1999. Visitors from abroad (including Martians and other ETs) should remember that Monday 30 August is a Bank Holiday (i.e. public holiday) in the United Kingdom, and we shall be closed that day.
Francis Herbert (Curator of Maps, RGS-IBG)
end of 
British Library
"The Shadow of the Moon: an exhibition of British solar eclipse mapping in the 18th century."
The exhibition is curated by Geoff Armitage, author of the recent book of the same title, copies of which are available for purchase in the Library's Bookshop. The exhibition is located in the lobby at the entrance to the Maps Reading Room on the 3rd floor of the British Library at St Pancras, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB (nearest tubes: Kings Cross/St Pancras or Euston). Additional examples of eclipse mapping will also be on display in the "Treasures of the British Library" in the Ritblat Gallery on the upper ground floor for the next few weeks, where there are other maps on permanent exhibition. Map Library is open Monday 10-5, Tuesday to Saturday 9.30-5; the Library building is open seven days. 
0171 412 7702 for further information
Sotheby's London
The Mediterranean & Middle East (misc books & Maps)
Library or Robert Michael Burrell - Middle East
Catherine Slowther
Tel: 0171 293 5291
Christie's King Street, London
Valuable Printed Books & Manuscripts
Tel: 0171 839 9060
Fax: 0171 839 1611
Sotheby's London
Travel, Atlases & Natural History
Catherine Slowther
Tel: 0171 293 5291
Catalogues Received
Roderick M. Barron
Catalogue 33: 'Speed' 
59pp; 262 items, 80 b&w, 4 colour illustrations.
The principal section is a listing of maps from Speed's folio atlases, the 'Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine', and the 'Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World' (1676).  Other sections are 'Recent Acquisitions' and a Shortlist of European maps of Japan.  A real rarity is a previously unrecorded - and apparently unique - example of Speed's map of Canaan, first published in 1611, here re-published by Christopher Browne, circa 1695.
Martayan Lan
Catalogue 24: 'Fine Antique Maps, Atlases, Globes & City Views' 
64pp; 175 items, 145 b&w, 13 colour illustrations.
Lavishly produced catalogue.  Among the rarities on offer are John Seller's chart of the Eastern Seaboard from Cape Hatteras to Newfoundland, published in 1675, Johann Christoph Rhode's two sheet map of the Theatre of War in the French and Indian War, 1756, and Andrew Dury's broadsheet map of Boston and its environs, published in 1776, which shows the British besieged in Boston, by the encircling American forces, under Washington.  The week after the plan was published, the British were forced to evacuate the city.  As a consequence, the British, being poor losers, threw away the map, and it is now very rare.
Visual highlight of the catalogue, however, is Romeijn de Hooghe's map of the Mediterranean, published in 1694.  The chart is surrounded by 38 etched vignette views of principal ports of the region. When seen in contemporary colour, as here, it is a spectacular - to err on the side of understatement - example of Dutch cartography, from its "Golden Age".
The O'Shea Gallery
‘Antiquarian Maps Of Germany March 1999’ 
Photocopied list, 9pp, 214 items, 1 illustration
A good general selection, divided into regions, strong on maps by Visscher, de Wit, Danckerts, Coronelli, and the Homann family, from the period circa 1670 to circa 1740. 
'1999 Catalog'
36pp; 84 items, 51 b&w, 7 colour illustrations.
General catalogue, but with emphasis on Americana and their personal interest, Africa. Highlights include the Pigafetta/De Bry map of Africa and Samuel Thornton's Draught of Cape Bona Esperanca, with an inset prospect of Cape Town.
On-line Catalogues
Tooley Adams
Latest Acquisitions
5th July 1999
General selection, with 103 items, all illustrated. 
Highlights include the Allard of the Americas, "miniature Speeds" Prospect" maps and the Saxton map of South-East England
J.A.L. Franks
16th July 1999
New Miscellaneous section, miniature maps, many illustrated.
Lee Jackson
New Stock
22nd July 1999
64 items, including a Seutter Corfu and a number of Mercator/Hondius maps in original colour.
Thomas &Ahngsana Suarez
Recent Acquisitions
25h July 1998
Includes Bellaro and Speed maps of America, and De Fer's California as an island.

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check your spelling before you publish on line...I assume you are all college educated folks...can you not spell 'curiosity' properly?  Refer to your Map Curiosity site and correct it.

S. Jackson.
The Editor: Our crime was to spell 'Curiosity' 'Curiosioty' in the "Mad-Head" article, an obvious typographical error rather than ignorance. In an article with a hundred Dutch words and some French it is impossible to use the spell-checking tool effectively, so human error can never be ruled out, and in a complex article like that, our best attention was quite simply directed to the difficult words. 

In the meantime your message was dated 23rd June 1994.

I looking for John Speed map of Poland. I found such map on your Web Site [Speed List No.16]. But I don't know how can I contact with seller:

     Are to be sold by Thomas Bassett in Fleet
     street / and Richard Chiswell in S.t Pauls

Is this addresses are in London?
The Editor: Dear Sir

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Speed map of Poland. Unfortunately, Bassett and Chiswell are no longer in business, but you could try one of the advertisers in MapForum. Please see our Advertiser List

Attached is my response to an article from your January 1999 Map Forum which took exception to my written comments made about early maps of the United States.  Thank you in advance for the opportunity to respond.

Tim Coss

I recently learned of an article on early American maps posted on the Map Forum last January 19 which takes issue with an article I wrote for the Map Collector in December 1993.  It deals with a little-known map by Robert de Vaugondy, re-issued under a new title by Jean Baptiste Fortin in 1778, “Carte du Canada et des Etats-Unis de L’Amerique.”  To the best of my knowledge, it was not mentioned in any map reference book until the early 1990’s.  The Library of Congress obtained a copy last December at a Sotheby’s auction in London.

In the Map Collector, I said that with the emergence of the Vaugondy/Fortin map, the Eliot map could no longer claim sole possession of a number of “firsts” previously attributed to it:  “first to present the name United States (in the French version, Etats Unis, in the cartouche)” – Seymour  Schwarz in The Mapping of America; “first such reference to the new nation as a unit” – Newberry Library catalog; “first cartographic recognition of American independence” – Walter Ristow, American Maps and Mapmakers.  It could no longer claim sole possession because both it and the Vaugondy/Fortin were dated 1778, with no month or day mentioned.

More importantly, I said that the Vaugondy/Fortin must be considered the first map “of the United States,” since:  “Its title is unambiguous, the area it covers includes a large portion of the territory of the original thirteen states, and no other map with these qualifications is dated as early as 1778, so far as I am aware.”

I have not been directly involved in the map business for the past 5 years, but as far as I know, what I said in the Map Collector article still holds true.  I respect the opinions of the Map Forum contributor, but disagree with a number of them.  I plan to keep my remarks short, and simply address a few main points.

The Forum contributor states:

“Despite Coss’ arguments, I have little doubt that the Eliot map comes first in chronological sequence.  It would seem that the map was, at least in part, constructed in the Americas, if Eliot’s claim to be ‘Ingenieur des Etats Unis’ is true, at a time when the two versions ‘United Colonies’ and ‘United States’ were in parallel use, both denoting an independent political entity separate from the British, while reflecting uncertainty about the name for the new Republic.  The Robert de Vaugondy/Fortin map seems to be a later form, re-engraved after the name ‘United States’ was officially adopted, presumably when the news arrived in France.”

I think it is an interesting idea that Eliot, being an American engineer, worked on the map at least partially in the United States.  But even assuming this to be true, and supposing that Eliot began his sketches as early as 1776, it wouldn’t necessarily follow that the map was finished before the Vaugondy/Fortin.  The date of a map is determined not by when work on it is begun or in progress, but when it is completed and the map is published.

I don’t know which map was published first.  Perhaps records exist in the Bibliotheque Nationale or elsewhere which would shed light on this.  If it can be proved that the Eliot map did come first, then it could reclaim the “firsts” previously attributed to it.  But it’s important to note that when it comes to the central theme of the Map Collector article—that the Vaugondy/Fortin map is the earliest “of the United States: -- it does not matter which was published first.  The Eliot map is of the “United Colonies” not the “United States”.

The Forum contributor also contends that the Vaugondy/Fortin map cannot be considered a map of the United States in a geographic sense because it “omits the Southern States.”  Actually, it omits South Carolina and Georgia.  It includes Virginia and North Carolina south to about Cape Hatteras (the name “Caroline” appears prominently on the map).  It includes 11 of the original 13 States, a large majority of the population of the country at that time, and was called a map of the United States by its publisher.  Everyone has to make up their own mind, but that is good enough for me.
The Editor: Thank you for your comments.

Unfortunately, the problem of precedence is simply a matter of opinion, as I doubt that there exists any proof that will resolve the argument one way or another.  On that basis, I can claim no greater validity for my view on priority. 

My knowledge of French publishers' methods from this period is not expert.  Perhaps it may be that publication can be established from advertisements placed in French journals (a practice encountered for London and Amsterdam).  Until such time as (or if) an advertisement is found, this is all informed conjecture. 

In a nutshell, the founding fathers did not immediately find a satisfactory term for the union of the thirteen colonies, with 'United Colonies' and 'United States' existing in parallel to the latter part of 1777, and are therefore interchangeable. 

My view is that the Eliot map reflects this uncertainty (as in the two different ways the United States is referred to in the map's title, and that its construction dates from this early period.  Further, I believe that it was published before the name 'United States' (or its French equivalent) gained ascendancy of usage in France. 

The Robert de Vaugondy map, which is a simple re-printing from an existing plate, with the title re-engraved, seems to me to fall into the later period, when the name 'United States' entered usage as the official collective name of the American colonies in  France. 

For what is it worth, I think the Zatta map of the 'Colonie Unite' (dated 1778) dates from the earlier period. 

To summarise, I would argue that: 

1. the first map to refer to the United States (by whatever name) as an entity is the Eliot; 
2. the first map devoted to the United States as entity is the Zatta; 
3. the first map to apply the name 'United States' to the new country (albeit in a wishful sense) is the Robert de Vaugondy / Fortin. 

It should be remembered that (other than in title), the Robert de Vaugondy / Fortin map is a map of the theatre of war from the French and Indian War period (1755-1763) pressed into service again to save the publisher making a new map.  As for it being a map of the United States, it is not.  It depicts ten of the thirteen colonies. There is no meaningful detail for North Carolina, apart from the short piece of coast from the Virginia boundary south to Albemarle Sound.  South Carolina and Georgia are completely omitted.  I am probably being overly simplistic, but I don't think George Washington would have gone to Congress, held up the Robert de Vaugondy / Fortin map and said "This is a map of the United States ...", and that is the sort of benchmark I would use. 

Tim Coss' article, which sets out his case for the Robert de Vaugondy / Fortin map, is: 'The first recorded map mentioning the "United States" 1778", The Map Collector, number 65 (Winter 1993), (Tring, Hertfordshire, Map Collectors Publications) p.34-35. 

I have been able to find a facsimile of John Rocque's 1755 map of Lima at Historic Urban Plans of Ithaca, NY.  Could you tell me where I might acquire an original?

Frederick W. Scholz
The Editor: Unfortunately, I have never seen an example for sale.  A number of Rocque's maps, because they were issued separately, are very hard to find, while some are known to me only through being listed in his catalogues 

If anyone knows of an example for sale please e-mail [email protected]. We will forward all messages to Mr Scholz.

Congratulations on your magazine!
I am unable to identify the map in the photo. The size of the sheet is 28 x 42 cms., engraving 24.5 x 18. Sardinia is the same, except bearing, of Mercator's "Italiae Sclavoniae et
Greciae etc." (1589). Can you help me?

Thank you and regards. Pier Luigi Dessanay
The Editor: The map is from Willem Jansz. Blaeu's Theatrum.  The map was first issued in 1634.  This example, with the page signature at the foot '6 S 3' appears to be from the French text edition, 'Le Theatre Du Monde Ou Nouvel Atlas ...', published in 1635. 

If you have access to the standard work on Blaeu atlases, Dr. I.C. Koeman Atlantes Neerlandici (Amsterdam: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Ltd, 1967) here are the relevant references 

1634 / 1635 'Novus Atlas' - Koeman, Vol I, Bl.4 / Bl.5, map no (128) [156] (this latter number is the unique identification given to each Blaeu map) 

1635: 'Le Theatre Du Monde' - Koeman, Vol I, Bl 12,  map (180). 

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Altea Maps & Books
35 St George Street

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1. MUNSTER Cairo  c.1560 £180
2. LE ROUGE Jamaica & Bermuda  1746 £220
3. JANSSON  Sri Lanka  1639 £385
4. DE LA ROCHETTE  Red Sea  1785. £420
5. VISSCHER Jerusalem  1663. £250
6. DOPPLEMAYER  Globes  1742 £350
7. LIZARS Australia  c.1830  £200
8. KEULEN British Isles  c.1698.  £320
9. ROCQUE Middlesex  1757.  £400
10. CORONELLI Scotland  c.1690 £425
11. STANFORD London Geological map  1894. £120
12. HOMANN  Vienna  c.1720 £600
13. ORTELIUS Corfu  Brescia, 1598 £65
14. ZATTA Latvia & Lithuania  1781 £120
15. MERCATOR Ptolemaic Spain  1698 £140
16. MAGINI  Italy  1617 £70
17. JANSSON Cyprus  c.1700 £690
18. FERRETTI  Malta  1579-80 £550
19. ORTELIUS Portrait  1603 £290
20. DE JODE  South East Asia. 1593 £3,600

Lee Jackson
2 Southampton Street
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Tel/Fax: 0171 240 1970
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1. Mercator Africa Central 1613 £390
2. Keere America 1646 £325
3. Hondius Virginia miniature 1609 £295
4. Hondius China miniature 1625 £225
5. Laurie & Whittle China 1794 £240
6. Ortelius China 1589 £2,250
7. Hondius Turkey miniature 1631 £68
8. Magini Arabia 1620 £225
9. Blaeu Essex 1648 £280
10. Blaeu Yorkshire East 1645 £175
11. Blaeu Yorkshire North 1645 £200
12. Jansson British Islands 1700 £580
13. Blaeu Luxembourg 1650 £295
14. Mercator Switzerland 1613 £390
15. Ortelius Illyricum miniature  1603 (English Edition} £95
16. Seutter Corfu 1730 £890
17. Homann Denmark 1720 £150
18. Lotter Finland 1770 £950
19. De L'Isle  N & S Poles 1740 £700
20. Ortelius World & Continents miniature 1601 £980

The Baynton-Williams Gallery

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D'Anville. Africa.  Eng. by Delahaye.  1749.  Modern colour.  2 sheets joined, 97 x 96cm.  £225.
D'Anville. Asia.  4 sheets joined into 2.  Sayer & Bonnett, 1780. Original outline colour.  Overall 103 x 120cm.  £250.
D'Anville.  Europe.  4 sheets, joined into 2.  Laurie and Whittle, 1794. Original outline colour. 122 x 106cm.  £175.
D'Anville & Robert.  Asia.  Sayer, c1760.  Original outline colour.  2 sheets joined, 56 x 94cm.  £200. 
Hydrographie Francoise.  Chart of the North Atlantic. Labrador to Brazil, England to the Gold Coast. 1786, 3rd edition.  2 sheets joined, with separately printed panels at the sides, forming a key to places by latitude and longitude.  Overall 63 x 118cm.  £450. 
Moll.  Map of Germany, Hungary, Transilvania & The Suisse.
Dated 1712, c.1720. Outline colour.  61 x 100cm.  £175. 
Mortier.  Coasts of Flanders, Picardy, & Normandy. 1693.  Original colour.  59 x 63m.  £125.
After P Mortier.  Coast of Portugal and S.W. Spain.  Inset plans of Lisbon and Cadiz.  Engraved by H. Van Loon, re-issue, Depot de Marine, c.1750.  59 x 88cm.  £120.
Price.  North part of Suabia.  Willdey, c.1720. Outline colour.   93 x 63cm.  £250.
Senex.  Asia.  c.1720.  Outline colour.  65 x 96cm.  £250.
Senex.  Europe.  c.1720.  Outline colour. 63 x 94cm.  £125.
Senex.  Hungary.  c.1720.  Outline colour.  65 x 99cm.  £175.
  Another.  Good wash colour.  Repaired.  £125.
Senex.  VII United Provinces.  Dated 1709, c.1720.  Wash colour.  Repairs to folds.  64 x 94.  £350.
Senex. Spanish Provinces.  Dated 1714, c.1720.  Outline colour.  63 x 94cm. £75.
 Thomson.  Europe after the Congress of Vienna.  1816.  Good wash colour.  4 sheets, joinable, each 51 x 62cm.  £175.

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# AF-178 Waldseemuller 1513 or 1520, North Africa: Tabula Quarta Africae, $ 1,400
# AF-107 Fries 1535, Southern Africa: Tabu. Nova Partis Aphri, $ 1,150
# AF-195 Munster 1552 (French ed),  Africa with cyclops: La table & description
universelle de toute l'Afrique, uoire estendue outre les limites de Ptol., $800
# AF-183 Ramusio 1554,  Upside Down Africa: Prima Tavola,  $ 1,500
# AF-108 Speed 1676, Africa described, the manners of their Habits . . .  $3,800
# AF-110 Pigafetta/Bry 1598,  2 sheet map of Africa: Tabulam hanc Aegypti, si aequus ac diligens lector....... $ 2,900
# AF-160 Ortelius 1595 or 1601 (Latin ed),  Prester John: Presbiteri
Iohannis, sive, Abissinorum Imperii Descriptio, $1,000
# AF-216 Coronelli c.1688, Globe Gores of Africa, $ 2,000
# AF-164 Braun & Hogenberg c 1572 - 1618, Cairo: Cajrus, ovae olim Babylon... $ 750
# AM-130 Hondius 1613 or 1616 (Latin ed.), America $5,500
# AM-105 Hondius 1639-1644,  North & South America: America noviter delineata,  $4,000
# AM-143 Van Keulen 1684-c.1709,  Sea Chart of New England: Pas-Kaart Vande Zee Kusten Inde Boght Van Niew Engeland....... $ 4,500
# AM-136 Seutter c. 1730, New Amsterdam and New England: Recens Edita totius Novi Belgii in America....... $ 4,000
# AM-106 Chatelain c. 1720-1739,  North America: Carte De La Nouvelle France.... $2,625
# AS-107 Munster 1542,  Holy Land: Terra Sancta XVI Nova Tabula, $ 1,250
# AS-106 Ortelius 1608 or 1612, Terra Sancta, $1,400
# E-114 Blaeu c. 1635 Rhine: Rhenus Fluviourum Europae celeberrimus cum Mosa, mosella $ 1,325
# E-110 Homann c. 1710,  Ireland: Hiberniae Regnum ...$700
# W-105 Visscher-Anon c. 1660, Variant of Visscher's World Map: Orbis Terrarum Typus De Integro in Plurimus ...... $ 5,500
# W-107 Homann c. 1720, Planiglobii Terrestris Cumutoq. Hemisphaerio Caelesti Generalis
Exhibitio . . .  $2,750 

The Prime Meridian
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1. Fuller (Engraving - The Tabernacle): Icon Tabernaculi ex Aria Montano desumpta. 1650. $125
2. Fuller (Holy Land-- Tribe of Dan): Dan. 1650. $250
3. Fuller, Thomas. Jerusalem. 1650. $175
4. Strum Indian Territory. 1887. Julius Bien & Co., 1887. $280 
5. Doppelmayr. (Celestial -- Planetary Orbits): Ephmerides Motuum Coelestium Geometricae. 1710. $550
6. Carey & Lea. Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Tennessee. 1822. $400
7. Buache. Planisphere Physique, 1757. $700
8. Desing. Universal=Historie auf der Land=karten, 1740. $375
9. Walker. 1.Western Part of North and South Carolina  (with)   2. Eastern Part of North and South Carolina (2 MAP SET)    1895. $140
10. De Jode (Engraving - Solomon's Judgement on Two Mothers Fighting Over a Child): Femineas Dirimit Regis Prudentia Lites... 1585. $350
11. De Jode  (Engraving - Queen of Sheba's Visit to Solomon): Munera Magna Ferens Venit Regina Sabaea... 1585. $300
12. Muir (Section from Elephant-Folio Edition of PICTURESQUE CALIFORNIA): Yellowstone Park 1888. $275 First Edition 
13. Muir  (text segment by Ernest Ingersoll) (Section from Elephant-Folio Edition of PICTURESQUE CALIFORNIA): Colorado. 1888. $475 First Edition. 
14. Wytfliet (World): Utriusque Hemispherii Delineatio. 1597. $1,700
15. Montanus (Virginia, Maryland, Chesapeake Bay): Nova Virginiae Tabula. 1671 $1,400
16. Seutter (Map of northwestern Italy-- Florence, Pisa, Siena): Novissima et Accuratior Tabella Magni Ducatus Hetruriae...Florentinum Pisanum et Senense cum Insula Elba. 1740. $425
17. Homann. (Copenhagen): Accurate Vorstellung ... Stadt Copenhagen. 1720. $975
18. Cary  A New Map of Asia from the Latest Authorities. 1806. $295
19. Piri Reis (Facsimile Sea/ Nautical Atlas; Book of Maritime Matters'): Kitab-i-Bahriye. Istanbul, Devlet Baslmevi, 1935. $375
20. Reid The State of Virginia from the best Authorities. 1796. $800

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1. Descriptio Germaniae Inferioris (Holland and Belgium) orig. col. Ortelius 1570 £750
 2. Portugalliae que olim Lusitania... (Portugal) orig. col. Ortelius c1570 £485
 3. Iaponiae Insulae descriptio (Japan) b/w Ortelius 1595 £2250 framed
 4. Insulae Balearides et Pytiusae (Majorca, Minorca & Ibiza) orig. col. Blaeu c1660 £525
 5. Candia olim Creta (Crete) orig. col.  Blaeu c1660 £575
 6. Reipublicae Genuensis... (Northern  Italy) orig. col. De Wit post 1688 £650 
 7. Golfo di Venezia (Adriatic) b/w Coronelli 1691 £450
 8. Carte du Congo et du Pays dea Caffres (Southern Africa) orig. col. De L'Isle 1718 £475
 9. Carte de Perse   (Persia) orig. col. Covens/Mortier 1730 £650
   10. Diversi Globi Terr-Aquei (World) faded orig. col. Seutter c1735 £3500 framed


 1.   Buckinghamshire (Ist ed.) b/w Speed 1611 £500
 2. Glamorganshire (Civil war ed.) orig. Saxton/ Web 1578- £950 col.  1645
 3. Cumberland (1 st ed.)orig. col. Blaeu 1645 £395
 4. Lancashire (1 st ed.) orig. col. Blaeu 1645 £450
 5. Monmouthshire (1 st ed.) orig. col. Blaeu 1645 £325
 6. North Riding (1 st ed.) orig. col. Blaeu 1645 £385
 7. Wales (1 st ed.) orig. col. Blaeu 1645 £395
 8. Kent orig. col. Jansson/ 1644- £625
   Schenk & Valk c1720
 9. Norfolk orig. col. Saxton/ Lea/Willdey 1575-c1731 £495
     1 0. A New and Correct Map of the City of Bath and Places Adjacent b/w Anon c1750 £650


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1. FRIES/SERVETUS Libyae 1535 $395
2. FRIES/SERVETUS Tab II Aphricae 1535 $450
3. FRIES/SERVETUS Tab IIII Aphricae 1535 $495
4. FULLARTON Bermuda/Jamaica 1862 $650
5. BLAEU Mexico 1634 $795
6. BLAEU Magellanica 1640 $495
7. MERIAN Americas 1638 $825
8. DE L'ISLE Americas 1722 $895
9. ORTELIUS Transilvania 1587 $475
10. BLAEU Russia 1650 $495
11. JANSSON Tartaria 1635 $400
12. FULLARTON British Empire 1862 $650
13. FULLARTON Japan 1862 $275
14. MALTE-BRUN New Holland 1812 $125
15. FULLARTON West Indies 1862 $350
16. MALLET Florida 1683 $225
17. BELLIN Louisiana 1757 $295
18. MITCHELL California 1861 $135
19. MITCHELL Texas 1865 $175
20. MITCHELL New York State 1861 $95

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1. Plancius World 1594 $15000
2. Mercator Arctic 1595 $2350
3. Wytfliet Antarctic 1597 $1750
4. Münster Europe 1540 $750
5. Schedel England 1493 $425
6. van Keulen Great Britain 1680 $825
7.J anssonius/Gerritz Spain 1633 $325
8. Blaeu Portugal 1635 $500
9. Berlinghieri Ptolemy France 1482 $2250
10. de Wit Russia 1662 $375
11. Ortelius East Indies 1570 $2600
12. Thevenot East Indies 1663 $5250
13. de Jode China 1593 $8500
14. Speed China 1626 $3600
15. Ortelius Japan 1595 $4850
16. Ortelius America State I 1570 p.o.r.
17. Hondius Virginia/Florida 1606 $2250
18. Ramusio Brasil 1556 $950
19. Münster Africa 1540 $750
20. Waldseemüller/Fries South Africa 1522 $1150

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The Printed Maps of Ireland 1612-1850.
By Andrew Bonar Law.
Dublin: The Neptune Gallery, 1997.
ISBN 0 9532241 0 4
Pp. 334, illustrated. IR £70 (cloth).
Distributed by:
The Neptune Gallery


The Editors welcome enquiries from readers on the identification of maps and / or for biographical information relating to particular maps

These enquiries are deemed to be for publication, and will be dealt with only on that basis. The Editors will not normally reply separately to enquiries.

Therefore, all enquiries should be accompanied by a good quality illustration of the map, JPEG FORMAT, 50KB AT MOST, suitable for publication, with dimensions, and, if necessary, transcription of relevant titles, imprints and so on.

Enquiries should be restricted to a single topic, and be suitable for publication.

The Editors will not advise on matters of value, but may be able to recommend suitable avenues for vendors or appraisals. 


The Editors are currently working on a companion dictionary to the history of cartography, and hope to be in a position to be able to issue draft sections in 2000, and would be pleased to be informed of obscure, or little-known, map-makers, engravers, authors, publishers or so on.


The Editors have access to a substantial photograph library, principally of black and white images, but also colour transparencies, and would be pleased to deal with enquiries for reproduction and publication

It may be possible to supply copies of the images featured in this journal, subject to copyright restrictions.