We illustrated the altered cartouche below and asked for:
1. the correct text from within the cartouche
2. the article in which it appeared 
3. the number of  the map within the article
The answers are:
1. VIRGINIA / MARYLANDIA / et / CAROLINA / IN AMERICA SEPTENTRIONALI / Britannorum industria excultæ / repræsentatæ / â /  Ioh. Bapt. Homann S.C.M. Geog. / Norimbergæ.
2. Printed Maps of the Carolinas: 1590-1800
3. Map 70

The winners, in chronological order, are:

John W. Docktor
Ed Dahl
Bill Ginsberg
Steve Scott
Lisa Davis-Allen

Their CD-ROMs of all issues of MapForum.Com to date are being prepared and will be sent shortly