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The editors are happy to publicize all manner of events relating to maps, and would welcome being notified of such events.
The Oxford Seminars in Cartography [TOSCA].
Meetings are held at:
The School of Geography
Mansfield Road
Nick Millea (Bodleian Library, Map Section) 
Tel: 01865-277013 
Fax: 01865-277139
[email protected]
Warburg Lectures: Maps And Society - Lectures in the history of cartography.
Convened by Tony Campbell (Map Library, British Library) and Catherine Delano Smith (Institute of Historical Research, London). Held at:
The Warburg Institute 
University of London
Woburn Square
London WC1H OAB
Admission is free. All are welcome. Meeting are followed by refreshments
Tony Campbell (Map Library, British Library)
0171 412 7525
Map Society of Wisconsin
Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, AGS Collection,  Golda Meir Library, at 7pm
Tel: (414) 229-6282
Hereford Cathedral
International Mappae Mundi Exhibition 1999
As part of the Mappa Mundi Conference 1999, the Mappa Mundi & Chained Library Exhibition is bringing together  nearly all the few surviving examples of medieval world maps from collections around the globe. 
These maps and books, some of which have never been seen publicly before, will be exhibited alongside the Hereford Mappa Mundi and Chained Library in the beautiful, award-winning New Library Building at Hereford Cathedral creating  an exhibition of unique and historical significance. 




end of
Map Room of the Royal Geographical Society
Exhibition of maps showing the paths of the total solar eclipse over England & Wales.
These are contemporary maps of the Ordnance Survey for the eclipses of 15 March 1858, 29 June 1927, and of 11 August 1999.  Thus the exhibition concentrates on the national mapping organisation's products of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and - fortuitously - acts as a continuation of those of the 18th century in the British Library Map Library's exhibition (see below)
The maps (with other related material) may be viewed in the Society's House Monday to Friday, 10.00-17.00 hours, until the end of September 1999. Visitors from abroad (including Martians and other ETs) should remember that Monday 30 August is a Bank Holiday (i.e. public holiday) in the United Kingdom, and we shall be closed that day.
Francis Herbert (Curator of Maps, RGS-IBG)
end of 
British Library
"The Shadow of the Moon: an exhibition of British solar eclipse mapping in the 18th century."
The exhibition is curated by Geoff Armitage, author of the recent book of the same title, copies of which are available for purchase in the Library's Bookshop. The exhibition is located in the lobby at the entrance to the Maps Reading Room on the 3rd floor of the British Library at St Pancras, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB (nearest tubes: Kings Cross/St Pancras or Euston). Additional examples of eclipse mapping will also be on display in the "Treasures of the British Library" in the Ritblat Gallery on the upper ground floor for the next few weeks, where there are other maps on permanent exhibition. Map Library is open Monday 10-5, Tuesday to Saturday 9.30-5; the Library building is open seven days. 
0171 412 7702 for further information
Sotheby's London
The Mediterranean & Middle East (misc books & Maps)
Library or Robert Michael Burrell - Middle East
Catherine Slowther
Tel: 0171 293 5291
Warburg Lectures (as above)
Stephen Mastoris (Museums, Arts and Records Services, Leicestershire County Council). 
Why Map a Forest?  Mapping Sherwood Forest before 1700.
Tony Campbell (Map Library, British Library)
0171 412 7525
Map Society of Wisconsin (as above) 7pm
"Travels with a Map Collector"
Arthur Holzheimer,  Chicago Map Society
Tel: (414) 229-6282
Christie's King Street, London
Valuable Printed Books & Manuscripts
Tel: 0171 839 9060
Fax: 0171 839 1611
Warburg Lectures (as above)
Dr Uta Lindgren (History, University of Bayreuth). 
Constructing Accurate Sea Charts in the Thirteenth Century:  The Scientific Evidence.
Tony Campbell (Map Library, British Library)
0171 412 7525
2nd European Map Fair
Breda, in "de grote of Lieve-vrouwe kerk", the beautiful 15th cent. cathedral, recently restored. 
Friday 11-9pm, Saturday 11-5pm, F12.50 entrance fee.
Pieter van Hooff
Karel Kinds
Sotheby's London
Travel, Atlases & Natural History
Catherine Slowther
Tel: 0171 293 5291
Warburg Lectures (as above)
Professor Bruce Lenman (Department of Modern History, University of St. Andrews). 
War a Catalyst for Cartography:  The Cases for Cartagena de Indias and Havana, 1660-1762.
Tony Campbell (Map Library, British Library)
0171 412 7525
Map Society of Wisconsin (as above) 12:00-1:30  lunch;  1:45-3:00 Tour
"Maps and More in the Milwaukee Public Library"
Virginia Schwartz, Map Librarian, MPL
Tel: (414) 229-6282
Warburg Lectures (as above)
Dr Yolande Hodson, F.S.A. 
Maps and Society in Twentieth-Century Britain. 
Tony Campbell (Map Library, British Library)
0171 412 7525
Map Society of Wisconsin (as above) 7pm
"Show and Tell"
AGSC Staff and Map Society Members
Tel: (414) 229-6282
Warburg Lectures (as above)
Professor Charles Withers (Department of Geography, University of Edinburgh). 
The Social Nature of Map-Making in the Enlightenment.
Tony Campbell (Map Library, British Library)
0171 412 7525
Map Society of Wisconsin (as above) 7pm
"AAA's Maps"
Tom Schreiner,  American Automobile Association
Tel: (414) 229-6282
Warburg Lectures (as above)
Ian Mumford (Department of Typography and Graphic Communication, University of Reading). 
Lithographed Maps - Art or Artefact?  A Round-Table Discussion.
Tony Campbell (Map Library, British Library)
0171 412 7525
Map Society of Wisconsin (as above) 7pm
"Wisconsin's Past and Present:  A Historical Atlas"
Zoltan Grossman,  Wisconsin Cartographer's Guild
Tel: (414) 229-6282
Warburg Lectures (as above)
Sarah Tyacke (Keeper, Public Record Office).
Charting the East Indies before Amboyna (1621).
Tony Campbell (Map Library, British Library)
0171 412 7525
Warburg Lectures (as above)
Dr Jim Egan (Department of English, Brown University, Providence).
'From India's Savage Plain':  Maps from Eighteenth-Century Georgia and the Colonial American South.
Tony Campbell (Map Library, British Library)
0171 412 7525

Catalogues Received
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Richard B. Arkway, Inc.
New Stock
14th September 1999
New listings include: De Fer's 1718 map of the Mississippi, Stansbury's landmark map of the Territory of Utah, the first cerographic atlas, two unusual collapsing globes, and a section of printed fabric from the American Revolution.
Altea Maps & Books
Catalogue Autumn 1999
Over 1100 items and 600 hundred illustrations, also available on CD-ROM, priced £15 inc. p&p. Highlights include Dufour's map of Mexico naming "Fredonia" and a Cary Celestial globe.
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[email protected]
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Dear Editor,

One more time I would like to extend my congratulations for Map Forum and I am looking forward to seeing at some point a paper version of the magazine. Keep up the good work.

I am sending you two images which you might be able to identify. 

The first is an Ortelius portrait, which is similar to others and better known ones, but I could not find anything on it either in the relevant section of the new book on the man recently published in Holland (edited by Marcel van den Broecke et. al.) or elsewhere.  As you will see, at the bottom of the image are the words "Nic. Rhedingerus Vratisl." which would indicate that it has something to do with Bratislava. Any ideas?

The second image is Munster's Rhinocerus from the Cosmographia. Who could possibly have engraved it with the initials DK?  How does it relate to Durer's Rhinocerus?
I would appreciate very much any help you might be able to offer.

Best regards
Tassos Belessiotis
EC Commission

The Editor:  I have seen the Rhedinger portrait of Ortelius before. There are a number of portraits of Ortelius of this type, derived from the one in the 'Theatrum', and presumably intended for collections of portraits of prominent figures of the time, or perhaps published versinos of a 'Liber Amicorum. Unfortunately, I do not know from what book it comes, but assume it is Flemish and near contemporary with Ortelius.   'Vratisl' merely implies that Vrastislava, now Wroclaw in Poland (many thanks to Zbigniew Paprotny for correcting me)  is the engraver's place of birth. 

The woodcutter for Munster's rhinoceros is David Kandel, one of several woodcutters who worked for Munster on the 'Cosmographia'.  Kandel's most famous work for Munster is the second version of the world map, appearing in the 'Cosmographia' from 1550 onwards.  I am assume it is copied from Durer's image, but regret that I know little about Durer's non-cartographic work.

Dear Editor

In the May issue sub Oddities I see your description of the Potiers stone. Did you know that I wrote in the latest Ortelius book a short article on this stone, with a photograph of the stone today?

See: P. van der Krogt,  The Elevated Stone of Poitiers, pp. 53-54 in Abraham Ortelius and the First Atlas: essays commemorating the quadricentennial of this death, 1598-1998, ed. by Marcel van den Broecke, Peter van der Krogt, and Peter Meurer. 't Goy-Houten: HES Publishers, 1998.

With friendly greetings

Peter van der Krogt

Just a word of commendation for the tasteful way advertising is handled in your magazine. 

Douglas McIlroy
The Editor: Words of praise are always welcome!

Dear Editor

Taking seriously your admonition that you would soon remove back-issues of  Map-Forum from the internet, I began today to read them.  Although I'm certainly among the last of our interested community to tell you this, the publication is a splendid contribution to the literature and extremely valuable to a collector. 

I was very interested in your discussion and collation of the BL's Visscher's Langenes.  I have one myself, almost the same, but without the most interesting double-hemisphere map (a4).  I've attached my own collation to this email; 

Koeman numbered this atlas Lan 14 (as well as Vis 4).  Another little rarity is Lan 15, the Blaeu "Atlas Minor".  I have a 165-map version of this, but Clive Burden has a much more complete one.  cf. P. Burden "...North America" #183.

Keep up the great work

Roger Baskes
The Editor: More praise! Also an interesting alternative collation of the Langenes (MapForum.Com Issue 2), We reproduce Mr Baskes' collation here

Dear Editor

I was wondering if you can help me with finding some information concerning the cartographer Richard Blome. I have a map of Spain and Portugal that is by him but "sculped" by Francis Lamb. Is there any info availble on these two? I have several books on cartography but all failed to produce anything but a paragraph on each. Is there a "encyclopedia" of these cartographers worth investing in? 

Renato Cachina
The map you refer to is 

"A General Mapp of the Kingdom of / SPAINE / Designed by Monsieur Sanson, Geographer to the French King. / and Rendred into English and Illustrated by Ric: Blome, by / his Majesties Especial Command / 1669. [4e] Francis Lamb Sculp. [2e]  To the Right Honorable and truly Noble Edward / Montague, Earle of Sandwich / Master of the Wardrobe, and / Generall of his Majesties / Navy, K.t of the noble order / of the Garter, and one of / his Majesties most Honorable, / privy Councell, / This Mapp in all humility / is Dedicated, by / Ric: Blome. [1b] 

The map first appeared in Richard Blome's 'A GEOGRAPHICAL DESCRIPTION Of the FOUR PARTS of the WORLD Taken from the  NOTES & WORKES Of the FAMOUS Monsieur Sanson, GEOGRAPHER to the French KING ...', published in London in 1670. 

I know of two later states, where the dedication is altered. 

[2] To the Hon.ble S.r Henry Goodricke of / Ribston Parke in / Yorkeshire K.t & / Bar.t his Ma.tys Envoy / Extraordinary to y.e / King of Spain Ano / Dom 1682/3. / This Mapp is humbly D D by R. Blome. [1b] 
From Blome's 'COSMOGRAPHY / AND / GEOGRAPHY ...', London, 1683 

[3] To M.r Nathaniel / Horne of the City / of London Merchant / This Mapp is humbly / Dedicated by / Ri. Blome. [1b] 
From Blome's 'COSMOGRAPHY / AND / GEOGRAPHY ...', London, 1693 

Unfortunately, there is no reliable all-encompassing encyclopaedia / dictionary of mapmakers.  The most extensive is 'Tooley's Dictionary Of Mapmakers', first published in 1979.  However, the entries are very brief.  The new edition of the 'Dictionary', but only covering letters 'A' to 'D' is due off the press as I write, so I am not able to say how much of an improvement it is. 

The most extensive notes on Blome and Hollar appear in Sarah Tyacke's 'London Map-Sellers 1660-1720 (Tring, Hertfordshire: Map Collectors Publications Ltd, 1978). 

Blome was one of the most active map-publishers of his day, working between about 1667 and 1705.  His principal publications are the 'Geographical Description of the World', and two county atlases, the 'Britannia', published in 1673, and 'Speed's Maps Epitomiz'd', published in 1681.  Blome has been heavily criticised as a plagiarist, but he lacked the capital to be innovative (as indeed did virtually all his contemporaries), and his output filled an important gap in the market.  The 'Geographical Description' was the first new, and uniformly assembled, folio world atlas to be published in London since 1627, while the next folio world atlases appeared in the decade 1710-1720 

One of the notable ways that Blome financed his atlases was to sell subscriptions, taking advance payments from wealthy sponsors, who were 'honoured' by having their armas inserted in individual maps.  When one sponsor dropped out, Blome would simply erase his arms and replace them with another, hence the three different coats of arms found on the map of Spain. 

Lamb (fl.1667-1701) was one of the best known engravers of the period, who hired himself out to different publishers.  The engraving of some of the maps for the 'Geographical Description' is the earliest of his output.  As an engraver, he is not particularly distinguished, but he had enxtensive output. 


 Volume 51 (1999)

The 1999 volume has 256 pages. The colour section has been increased to twelve pages.  Abstracts of the eight articles can be found on the Imago Mundi webpage: 


[posted by [email protected] - to whom subscription enquiries should be addressed]


OBITUARY: Harry Margary

Easter Tables and the Pseudo-Isidorean Vatican Map. Leonid S.  Chekin
An Early Thirteenth-Century Map in Dublin: A Window into the World of Giraldus Cambrensis. Thomas O'Loughlin
The Pinchbeck Fen Map: A Fifteenth-Century Map of the Lincolnshire Fenland. Rose Mitchell and David Crook
Francesco II Gonzaga and Maps as Palace Decoration in Renaissance Mantua. Molly Bourne
Cartography, Autocracy and State Powerlessness: The Uses of Maps in Early Modern Russia. Valerie A. Kivelson
Mapping Relationships: Allegory, Gender and the Cartographical Image in Eighteenth-Century France and England. Franz Reitinger 
The Ordnance Survey's Nineteenth Century Boundary Survey: Context, Characteristics and Impact. David Fletcher
Mapping Mussolini: Ritual and Cartography in Public Art during the Second Roman Empire. Heather Hyde Minor

The History of Cartography, Vol. 2, Book 3: Cartography in the Traditional African, American, Arctic, Australian, and Pacific Societies. Edited by David Woodward and G. Malcolm Lewis. (David Turnbull)
Mapping for Money. Maps and Topographic Paintings and Their Role in Dutch Overseas Expansion during the 16th and 17th Centuries. By Kees Zandvliet. (Jeremy Black)
Claude Ptolémée - astronome, astrologue, géographe - connaissance et représentation du monde habité. By Germaine Aujac. (M. J. T. Lewis)
Modelle der Welt: Erd- und Himmelsgloben: Kulturerbe aus österreichischen Sammlungen. Edited by Peter E. Allmayer-Beck. (Peter van der Krogt)
Luxembourg, ville obsidionale: cartographie et ingènierie européennes d'une place forte du XVIe au XIXe siècle. By Marcel Watelet. (David Buisseret)
The Southeast in Early Maps. By William P. Cumming; revised & enlarged by Louis De Vorsey, Jr. (Ashley Baynton-Williams) 
Western Astrolabes. By Roderick and Marjorie Webster. (Gloria Clifton)
Images & Icons of the New World: Essays on American Cartography. Edited by Karen Severud Cook. (David Bosse)
Maps and Plans in the Public Record Office. 4. Europe and Turkey. Edited by Geraldine Beech. (Susan Gole)
Images et imaginaires de la ville à l'époque moderne. By Claude Petitfrère. (Patricia Alkhoven)
Envisioning the City: Six Studies in Urban Cartography. Edited by David Buisseret. (Paul Laxton)
The Tithe Maps of England and Wales: A Cartographic Analysis and County-by-County Catalogue. By Roger J. P. Kain and Richard R. Oliver. (Nicholas Coney)
Mapping Space and Time: How Medieval Mapmakers Viewed Their World. By Evelyn Edson. (Faith Wallis)
The Mercator Atlas of Europe: Facsimile of the Maps by Gerardus Mercator Contained in the Atlas of Europe, circa 1570-1572. Edited by Marcel Watelet. (Peter van der Krogt)
Historia Cartográfica de la Peninsula de Yucatán. By Michael Antochiw. (David Buisseret)

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