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1. Munster, Sebastian: (Ptolemaic View- Map of Ancient World) Ptolemaisch General Tafel / Begreiffend Die Halbe Kugel Der Weldt ; Basel: 1540. $1275
2. Jefferys, Thomas: The Natural and Civil History of the French Dominions in North and South America...Illustrated By Maps and Plans of the Principal Places, Collected from the Best Authorities... ; London 1760. $13,000 (beautiful condition; all 18 maps and charts present; full antique panelled calf)
3. Zatta, Antonio: (Map of World- Mercator Projection): Il Mappamondo o Sia Descrizione Generle Del Globo Ridoto in Quadro ; Venice: Antionio Zatta, 1774. $775
4. Barclay, The Revd. James: (21 Map Atlas Intact at Rear of Volume): A Complete and Universal Dictionary of the English Language...An Epitome of the History of England...A Description of...Great Britain...the Kingdoms, States, Provinces in the Known World... ; Bungay (Suffolk): Brightly & Childs, 1813. $850.
5. Vandermaelen, Ph.: (Map of South Africa- Cape of Good Hope; 2 Map Set): Colonie Du Cape Bonne Esperance (2 maps) ; Brussels: 1827. $300
6. Juta, J. C. & Co. (sold By Edward Stanford): (Map of South Africa): Juta's Map of South Africa from the Cape to the Zambesi Compiled from the Best Available Colonial and Imperial Information Including the Official Cape Colony Map By the Surveyor General, Cape Town, ...New and Revised Edition ; Cape Town: J.C. Jutta & Co., 1895. $325
7. Seaton, Robert: (Folding Linen-Backed Map of Holy Land- with companion text): Seaton's Map of Palestine, or the Holy Land, with Part of Egypt, Compiled from Surveys Made for the French and English Governments. ; London: Admiralty of England , 1853. $675
8. Conder, C. H. and Kitchener, H. H.: (Linen Backed Maps of Holy Land / Israel- 2 map set): Map of Western Palestine...for the Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund...Special Edition Illustrating...(1. The Old Testament, The Apocrypha and Josephus 2. The New Testament...Talmud... ; London: Edward Stanford, 1882. $525
6. Danckerts, Justus: (Map / Chart of North and South America- California as an Island)): Recentissima Novi Orbis Sive Americae Septentrionalis et Meridionalis Tabula Per I. Danckerts..cum Privilegio. ; Amsterdam: J. Danckerts, 1696. $2500
7. Vandermaelen, Ph.: (Map of South Africa- Hottentots; 2 Map Set): Partie Pays Des Hottentots ; Brussels: 1827. $250
8. Sands & McDougall: (Linen-Backed City / Town Plan- Australia): Sands & McDougall's Proprietary Limited New Map of Melbourne and Suburbs...Tramways, Railways, Streets, Municipalities, Bowling Clubs...Revised to Date ; Melbourne: Sands & McDougall, 1890. $375
9. Bellin, Jacques Nicolas: (Map/ Chart of Philippines- 2 Sheets; North and South): 1. Carte Des Isles Philippines...Ire. Feuille 2. Carte Des Isles Philippines...2e. Feuille ; Paris: Chez Didot, 1752. $475
10. Bellin, Jacques Nicolas: (Map/ Chart/ Plan- City of Nagasaki): Plan Du Port et De La Ville De Nangasaki ; Paris: Chez Didot, 1752. $425
11. Bellin, Jacques Nicolas: (Map/ Chart/ Plan of Tokyo): Plan De Jedo ; Paris: Chez Didot, 1752. $425
12. Vorzet, Ed. Dumas (for the Comte De Paris): (Civil War Atlas- 30 Maps, Plans): Histoire de la Guerre Civile en Amérique (atlas volume only) ; Paris: Michel Levy Freres , 1890. $2900
13. Sheridan, P.H.; Sherman, W.T. (Generals): (All 10 Maps--  Montana, Yellowstone, Bighorn): Reports of Inspection Made in the Summer of 1877 By Generals P.H. Sheridan and W.T. Sherman of Country North of the Union Pacific Railroad ; Government Printing Office (by Order of the Secretary of War), 1878. $1200
14. Homann Heirs (Haas, Johann Matthias): (Map of Africa): Africa Secundum Legitimas Projectionis Stereographicae... ; Nuremberg: Homann Heirs, 1737. $625
15. Homann Heirs: (Map / Plan Louisbourg, Quebec, Halifax- Canada): vorstellung...Nord-America...Plan...de Louisbourg...Plan De La Ville de Quebec...Plan of the Town of Halifax in Nova Scotia ; Nuremberg: Homann Heirs, 1756. $800
16. Lewis, Samuel: (Maps / Charts of United Kingdom, Channel Islands- for Lewis' Topographical Dictionary): An Atlas Containing Maps of the Several Counties, Divided Into Unions...Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Man...Map of England and Wales...A Plan of London... ; London: Samuel Lewis & Co., 87 Hatton Garden, 1842. $695
17. Smith, Capt. John: (Map of Virginia- first American edition of 1612 Map): Virginia ; Richmond: Franklin Press , 1819. $1275
18. Smith, Capt. John: (Engraved Vignettes of Capt. John Smith's Adventures from "Generalle Historie of Virginia"): A Description of Part of the Adventures of Cap. Smith in Virginia. ; Richmond: Franklin Press , 1819. $385
19. Moll, Herman: (Map of Virginia, Maryland, Chesapeake Bay): A New Map of Virginia, and Maryland. ; from Oldmixon's "British Empire in America", c. 1708. $475

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Highlights of the catalogue of the Auction Sale to be held 12-13 December
Prices given are sale estimates.
464  SMITH (CHARLES)  New English Atlas...,  42 engraved maps on 46 mapsheets, all in contemporary hand-colour, folio, C. Smith, 1804.  £1,500-2,000
466  AMERICA--ROSSI (GIACOMO DE) L'America settenrionale... Rome, 1677. California is shown as an Island. £300-400
469  ASIA--SPEED (JOHN) Asia with the Islands Adjoyning Described... Thomas Basset, and Richard Chiswell, 1626 [but 1676, or later] £500-600
474  BRITISH GUIANA--HILLHOUSE (WILLIAM) Map of British Guiana... 1828. The vignettes depict: Cultivation of sugar, coffee, and plantains, with the buildings and navigation. £700-900
480 JAPAN--ROBERT [DE VAUGONDY (GILES AND DIDIER)] L'Empire du Japon,..., [Paris], 1750. £300-350
486 SAN FRANCISCO--[LA PEROUSE (JEAN FRANCOIS)] Plan du fort de St. Francois...  engraved chart, 490 by 325mm., [Paris, c. 1798] £100-150
489 WORLD--VERBEIST (FERDINAND) K'oen -yu ts'iuen t'ou, twin-hemisphere map of the world, xylographic printing,  8 sheets in all, a few repairs to blank areas at edges, , the sheets of uneven length but each approximately 2020 by 513mm., [Beijing, 1674], but reprinted Canton, 1860. 
One of the the largest twin-hemisphere world maps ever printed.  £4,000-5,000
490 WORLD--ELWE (JAN BERAND) Mappe monde... 1792  £1,200-1,500
493 WORLD--TEESDALE (HENRY) A New Chart of the World or Mercator's Projectionhand-coloured engraved map on 2 sheets, dissected into 32 sections and mounted on linen, folding into publisher's diced calf portfolio, total dimensions 1230 by 1870mm., Henry Teesdale, 1852.  £750-850
494 WYOMING--HOLT (GEORGE L.) Holt's New Map of Wyoming. 1883. £100-150
510 HUNGARY--[ORTELIUS (ABRAHAM)] Hungariæ Descriptio. [Antwerp, 1595, or later]
538 CAMDEN (WILLIAM) Britannia, folio, A. Swalle, A. & J. Churchill, 1695,  50 double-page engraved maps, sold as an atlas. £1,800-2,200
539 CAMDEN (WILLIAM) Britannia, 51 double-page or folding maps, contemporary calf, rebacked, 1722. £1,800-2,200
548 BRITISH ISLES--SANSON D'ABBEVILLE (NICOLAS) Les Isles Britanniques...Paris, A.H. Jaillot, [1676, or later]. £400-600
569 IRELAND--SPEED (JOHN) The Kingdome of Ireland...John Sudbury, and George Humble, 1610 [but 1626] £500-700
577 LIVERPOOL--BENNISON (JONATHAN) A Map of the Town and Port of Liverpool, 4 sheets, dissected into 64 sections, and mounted on linen, bright original wash and outline hand-colouring, some spotting, folding into publisher's morocco gilt book-style slipcase, total dimension 1260 by 1750mm., Liverpool, J. Bennison, September, 1835. £700-800
578 LIVERPOOL--GAGE (MICHAEL ALEXANDER) Trigonometrical Plan of the Town and Port of Liverpool... fine large-scale map engraved by Thomas Starling, dissected into 36 sections, and mounted on linen, coloured in a contemporary hand, folding into a green decorative cloth slipcae, gilt morocco label on upper cover, total dimensions 995 by 1655mm., Liverpool. M.A. Gage, March 1, 1836. £600-700
580 MANCHESTER--JOHNSON (WILLIAM) Plan of the Parish of Manchester in the County of Lancaster, from a Survey in the Years 1836 and 1837, large engraved map, fine contemporary colouring, dissected into 50 sections, and mounted on linen, folding into defective morocco slipcase [not in Rodger], total dimensions 1300 by 1255mm., William Johnson, 1 July, 1838 £700-900
581 MANCHESTER--LAURENT (CHARLES) A Topographical Plan of Manchester and Salford... engraved folding map on 2 sheets (joined). December, 1793. £350-400
582 MAP GAME--Spooner's Pictorial Map of England & Wales, Arranged as an Amusing and Instructive Game for Youth, Illustrated with Upwards of One Hundred & Twenty Views, hand-coloured engraved map, with over 100 vignette views, dissected into 12 sections and laid on linen, a few small losses at folds, folding into publisher's cloth folder, a pictorial title on the upper cover, dust-soiled, total dimension 610 by 480mm., William Spooner, 5 November, 1844. £100-150

The Baynton-Williams Gallery

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Highlights of an Exhibition of
Maps of Kent

1. SYMONSON, Philip.  A New Description of Kent...by Phi  Symonson of Rochester gent.   1659. £1,000
2. NORDEN/KIP. Cantium Quod nunc Kent. 1637. £400
3. SPEED, John. Kent with her Cities and Earles Described and Observed.  FIRST EDITION, 1611. £1,000
4. JENNER, Thomas.  Kent. 1657. £80
4. BLAEU, Jan.  CANTIVM Vernacule KENT.  1645. £400
5. JANSSON, Jan.  CANTIVM Vernacule KENT.  1646-7 £400
5. MORDEN, Robert.  KENT. 1695. £240
6. SELLER, John.  KENT Actually Survey’d and Delineated by Iohn Seller... c.1726. £2,850
7. LEA, Philip.  This New Map of KENT... c.1693. £1,200
8. HARRIS, John.  A MAP of the COUNTY of KENT.  1719. £1,800
9. MOLL, Herman.  KENT. c.1730. £120
10. BOWEN, Emanuel.  An Accurate Map of the COUNTY of KENT. 1763. £700
11. BICKHAM, George. A Map of KENT. 1751. £150
12. BOWEN, Emanuel & Thomas.  KENT... Atlas Anglicanus, 1777.  £120
13. MORDEN, Robert.  Kent    RARE PLAYING CARD c.1773. £150
14. GREENWOOD, Christopher and John.  MAP of the County of KENT... 1829 £200
15. RAMBLE, Reuben.  KENT.   c.1845. £120 

Lee Jackson
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1. HAMPSHIRE     Greenwood  1829  £295
2. LANCASHIRE   Greenwood 1830 £225
Both magnificent original colour, no offsetting.
A  few other Greenwood maps available.

3. CHILE  Mallet 1683 b/w £50
4. BORNEO Bertius 1616  b/w £125

5. CHILE  Tallis 1850        £56
6. EUROPE  Tallis 1850        £75
7. ASIA   Tallis 1850        £125
A few other Tallis maps available

8. World + 5 Continents (6) Van der Aa  1720  b/w    £1800


Map Collector Publications Ltd

We are the only publisher in the world specialising in books on the history of cartography. We sell our own publications, other publisher's works on the subject, and antiquarian and out of print reference books.

1 Volume I of Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers (A-D). New edition £70 Stg ($113)

2 Who's Who in the History of Cartography:the international guide to the subject  D9  £27Stg ($44) 

3 Miniature Antique Maps: an illustrated guide for the collector £35 Stg ($56)

4 The Shadow of the Moon: British solar eclipse mapping in the 18th century £15 Stg ($24)

5 Cartographical Innovations: an international handbook of mapping terms to 1900 £50 Stg ($81)
6 Bel et Utile: the work of the Robert de Vaugondy family of mapmakers £36 Stg ($58)

7 The County Maps of Old England: Thomas Moule £30 Stg ($48)

8 Early Mapping of South East Asia  by T. Suarez £58 Stg ($93)

9 A complete set of The Map Collector in good condition £750Stg ($1215) postage and packing extra

10 Loose copies of Map Collectors' Circle bound in cloth £16Stg ($26)

11 The Pont Manuscript Maps of Scotland: sixteenth century origins of a Blaeu atlas £20 Stg $32

12 Archival Map Portfolios in black cloth. Ideal for carrying maps. Acid free. £42 Stg ($74) each

NB: Our prices include postage and packing to anywhere in the world unless stated

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A selection of large coastal charts of Spain and Portugal

Alexis-Hubert Jaillot/ Pierre Mortier
Published Paris/Amsterdam

 1. Carte des costes septentrionales d’Espagne depuis Fontarabie jusqu’a  Bayonne en Gallice. Orig. outline col. c1705. £160
2.  Carte des costes de Portugal et de partie d’Espagne de puis le Cap de Finisterre jusques au Detroit de Gibraltar. Full orig. col. 1693. £385
3. Another copy (plate worn at bottom edge) Black and white c1693. £285
4.  Another copy. Orig. outline col. 1703. £285

Vicente Tofiño de San Miguel 
Published Madrid 1789) All black and white.
Condition reports available on request. Mostly very good condition; some with a little water staining (generally marginal).

5. Carta esferica desde punta de Europa a Cabo de Gata… y desde Ceuta hasta Cabo Hone en la de Africa. £185
6.  Carta esferica de la costa Cantabrica desde San Juan de Luz hasta Punta Calderón. £145
7.  Carta esferica … desde Cabo de San Vicente hasta Punta de Europa. £165
8.  Carta esferica … desde Co. Sn. Vicente hasta Co. Ortegal. £165
9.  Plano del Puerto de Cadiz. £195
10.  Plano de la ciudad, puerto y arsenal de Cartagena. £150
11.  Carta esferica de la costa de Cantabria desde Malpica hasta el rio de Bayona. £145
12.  Carta esferica de la costa de Asturias desde Punta de Calderón hasta punta de Muyeres. £145
13.  Plano de la ria del Barquero, y estaca de Vares, etc. £125
14.  Plano de la rada de Fayal, una de las yslas Azores/ de la rada de Angra, en la ysla Tercera. £150
15.  Plano de la ria de Corcubión…/ Plano de la ria de Pontevedra. £145
16.  Carta esferica de la costa de Galicia desde Punta de la Guelganegra hasta Punta de Catasol. £145
17.  Plano de la ria de Vigo/ Plano del Puerto de Camariñas. £175
18.  Carta esferica desde Punto Candor hasta Cabo de Trafalgar. £165
19.  Plano de la ria y Puerto de Ferrol. £175
19.  Carta esferica de la costa de España desde Cabo de Gata hasta Cabo de Oropesa. £165
20.  Carta esferica de las costas del reyno de Galicia desde Cabo Prior hasta la embocadura del Miño. £145