Welcome to issue 11 of MapForum.

Unfortunately  it has been quite a while since the last issue.  This has partly been due to the distractions of commerce, but also the time needed to research the checklists and collations that appear here.

We are grateful to Jason Hubbard for supplying the collation of the Italian edition of Thomas Salmon's Modern History, for this issue.  Jason has also supplied collations of three edition of Jacob Colom's sea-atlases, that will feature in the next issue, and has promised other goodies for future issues.

In order to regularise the appearance of future issues,  in the forthcoming year, the Editors will plan to issue six issues.  Hopefully, an index to the first twelve issues will appear with the next issue, scheduled for early January.

The Editors would wish Readers a Happy Christmas, and a prosperous New Year. 


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