Welcome to issue 12 of MapForum.Com. 

It hardly seems possible that the annual round of map- and book-fairs, auctions and symposia associated with London in June are once again upon us.  The last year seems to have flown by. 

Once again, for the next fortnight or so, London becomes the focus of attention as map and book-collectors and dealers congregate to buy and sell, to swop, exchange ideas and opinions.  Having been a participant in the jollities for many years, it still never ceases to amaze me the sheer wealth of material that will be on offer, and will change hands in the next two weeks, both in terms of age and price range, at venues large and small across London. 

I would wish those readers coming to London every luck in the pursuit of that perfect item for their collection, for their wall, or whatever in the coming weeks. 


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