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Lot 415
HILL (NATH[ANIEL]) A New Terrestrial Globe, hand-coloured and varnished terrestrial pocket globe, small dent and hole in northern hemisphere, contained within an hook-and-eye closing hinged shagreen cover, opening along the line of the equator with hand-coloured and varnished unsigned representation of the celestial sphere on inner surface, [Stevenson II p187, citing similar copy with cover in Bibliothèque Nationale of Paris], 70mm. diameter, [email protected] sphere is covered by 12 gores truncated in latitude both north and south at about 68 degrees and has the polar spaces covered by circular discs. The Pacific is called 'The Great South Sea', while 'The Pacifick Sea' is found just off the coast of S. America. 'Florida', 'Virginia', 'Carolina', 'Maryla' are named, the Missouri River is called the 'Long R.', Alaska is omitted. 'New Holland' and 'New Zeeland' are shown with incomplete coastlines.

MALBY & SON Malby's Terrestrial Globe compiled from the latest & most authentic sources..., hand-coloured and varnished globe, with an analemma 'shewing the sun's declination & place in the Ecliptic [sic] for every day at noon', turned wood base, repaired tears at poles, a few small stains, 140mm. diameter, Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, 1854; Malby's Celestial Globe, hand-coloured and varnished celestial globe, turned wood base, repaired tears to disc at south pole, 140mm. diameter, Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, 1850 (2) £200-300 

BION (NICOLAS) [Globe gores], 11 engraved gores (of 12) for the southern hemisphere for a globe of approximately 320mm diameter, printed on one sheet with dedication to the Dauphin and publisher's cartouche, one gore detached from sheet, two short tears without loss, cabinet stamp of the Dépôt de la Marine, sheet size 435 by 562mm., Paris, N. Bion, 170[*]
Not in Stevenson (Terrestial and Celestial Globes, 1921), but see pp.153 for a description of what appears to be a matching celestial globe in the library of Count Malvezzi de'Medici of Bologna with the same size, dedication and uncertainty of date. £800-1,200

SOMALVICO & Co. A New Terrestrial Globe, twelve globe gores and polar caps for a 7" diameter globe, engraved on two sheets, each approximately 225 by 340mm, with an analemma on the twelfth gore showing the sun's declination and place in the zodiac, Woodward, [c. 1840]--Bale's Celestial Globe, engraved map sheet with twelve globe gores for a 5.25" diameter globe, 210 by 420mm, 1845 --Woodward's Terrestrial Globe, engraved map sheet with twelve globe gores for a 3" diameter globe, 142 by 300mm, Woodward, [c. 1850]; together with another similar map sheet for a celestial globe (5) £200-300

Lot 423
Tallis's Illustrated Atlas, and Modern History of the World, engraved frontispiece depicting the Great Exhibition, pictorial title, 2 engraved plates, 108 engraved maps and city plans, many hand-coloured, 2 folding, 8 double-page, contemporary half calf, worn, folio, John Tallis, 1851 £5,000-5,500 

PINKERTON (JOHN) Africa, large double-page engraved map, original outline colour, Cadell & Davies, 1814; DELAROCHETTE (L.S. d') Colombia Prima or South America, large engraved map on 2 sheets, original outline colour, James Wyld, 1842, and 5 others £120-150 

426 ASIA
SPEED (JOHN) Asia with the Islands adjoyning described, with the atire of the people, & townes of importance... Ano. Dom. 1626, double-page hand-coloured engraved map, side-borders with 10 costume figures, upper frieze showing 8 town views, English text on verso, 3 small holes near centre-fold, 390 by 510mm., George Humble, [1627] £700-900 

[ORTELIUS (ABRAHAM)] Chinae, olim Sinarum regionis, nova descriptio, auctore Ludovico Georgio, double-page engraved map, hand-coloured, 365 by 465, [Antwerp], 1584

Lot 436
Composite Atlas, 58 engraved maps (2 hand-coloured, several hand-coloured in outline), edge-bound in early quarter calf, marbled boards, worn, oblong folio, [c. 1650-1680]
Includes maps by Jansonnius (45), Visscher (4, including Malta), Blaeu (2), de Witt (6), Sanson d'Abbeville (1). £1,500-2,000 

HUTCHINS (THOMAS) A New Map of the Western part of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and North Carolina, large engraved map by John Cheevers extending to the Mississippi in the west, and lakes Erie and Michigan in the north, original outline colour, tear at old fold repaired with minimal loss to engraved surface, some worm-holes skilfully infilled, cabinet stamp of the Dépôt de la Marine, 920 by 1090mm., Thomas Hutchins, 1 November, [email protected] very important map of the 'Old Northwest', effectively the westward extension of the contemporaneous map of Fry and Jefferson. £15,000-20,000 

[SCHERER (HEINRICH)] Repraesentatio Totivs Orbis Terraqvei Cvivs Pats, Qvae Vmbra Crent, Fide Catholica Imbvta Svnt, the extent of the Roman Catholic Church; Societas Iesv Per universum mundum diffusa Praedicat Christi Evangelium, the location of Jesuit missions and provinces, together 2 engraved maps on a polar projections, finely hand-coloured and heightened with gold, the later with portraits of Ignatius Loyola, Joseph Anchieta, Andreas Oviedus; and Francis Xavier, each approx. 230 by 350mm. [Shirley 628; 629], [Dillingen or Frankfurt am Main, 1700-1710] (2)

Lot 456
456 KENT
LAMBARD (WILLIAM) A Perambulation of Kent: Conteining the description, Hystorie, and Customes of that Shyre, first edition, title within woodcut border, engraved map of the Heptarchy with early hand-colouring, without the folding map, early ownership inscription of "Robert Harte" on title, modern half crushed morocco [STC 15175; Goldsmiths 178], small 4to, Ralphe Newberie, 1576 £600-800 

New English Atlas, Being a Complete Set of County Maps, engraved title, 42 engraved maps on 46 mapsheets, all in contemporary hand-colour, contemporary limp red morocco [Chubb 311], folio, C. Smith, 1804 £1,000-1,200

BURDETT (P.P.) Survey of the County Palatine of Chester, large scale map engraved by P.P. Burdett, and T. Billinge, on 2 sheets, dissected and mounted into 48 sections, original hand-colouring, decorative title cartouche, and inset plan of the City of Chester, some light browning, folding into original marbled slipcase, printed label on upper cover "Cheshire. Sold by Wm. Faden", worn [Roger 43], total dimensions 1150 by 1550mm., 1 January, 1777 £600-800 

SPEED (JOHN) Britain as it was Devided in the tyme of the Englishe-Saxons especially during their Heptarchy, double-page engraved map, side-borders with 14 illustrations, 380 by 510mm., John Sudbury and George Humble, [1631, or later] £500-700 

HENNET (GEORGE) A Map of the County Palatine of Lancaster, divided into Hundreds and Parishes from an accurate survey made in the years 1828 and 1829, large scale county map engraved by James Bingley, one sheet, mounted and dissected into 48 sections, hand-coloured, vignette view of Liverpool Customs House, folding into contemporary calf [Rogers 258], total dimensions 1590 by 1115mm., Henry Teesdale, 1 May, 1830 £400-500 

BENNISON (JONATHAN) A Map of the Town and Port of Liverpool, with their environs including Seacomb, Woodside, Birkenhead, Tranmere, &c., 4 sheets, mounted and dissected into 64 sections, hand-coloured, some spotting, folding into original maroon gilt morocco case, slightly rubbed, total dimensions 1260 by 1750mm., Liverpool, J. Bennison, September, 1835 £500-600 

GAGE (MICHAEL ALEXANDER) The Town and Port of Liverpool, including the Environs of Kirkdale, Everton, Low Hill, & Toxteth Park from an Actual Survey, large scale map engraved by Thomas Starling on one sheet, mounted and dissected into 36 sections, original wash and outline hand-colouring, some off-setting, folding into publisher's dark green morocco slipcase, rubbbed, total dimensions 1020 by 1680mm., M.A. Gage, 1 March, 1836 £600-800 

PARKS (MURRAY), and GRAHAM H. HILLS. Liverpool Bay from a Survey made by Order of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board, 1862, engraved by J. & C. Walker, diagrams in border of the lighthouses and marks, dissected and mounted into 48 sections, hand-coloured, folding into publisher's morocco slipcase, gilt lettered "Liverpool Bay" on upper cover, total dimensions 1230 by 1470mm., J. Harrison, 1863 £450-500 

[WILLDEY (GEORGE)] A New & Correct Map of Thirty Miles round London, 2 engraved mapsheets (joined and laid down), partially hand-coloured in outline, the upper spandrels decorated, an early state with the lower spandrels empty, 655 by 990mm., [c. 1720] £200-300 

JOHNSON (WILLIAM) Plan of the Parish of Manchester in the County of Lancaster, from a survey made in the years 1836 and 1837, large scale engraved plan showing townships, roads, railways, etc., mounted and dissected into 50 sections, hand-coloured, split at one fold, slightly worn, folding into defective case, total dimensions 980 by 1200mm., Manchester, William Johnson, 1 July, 1838 £700-800 

480 MIDDLESEX SPEED (JOHN) Midle-Sex described with the most Famous Cities of London and Westminster, double-page engraved map, inset bird's-eye views of London and Westminster, and views of Saint Pauls, and Saint Peters, some place-names underlined in red, one small hole (with loss of the Y in Gunnersbury), 380 by 510mm., G. Humble, 1610 [but later] £300-500 

PHILLIPS (J.) and W.F. HUTCHINGS. A Map of the County of Stafford, divided into Hundreds & Parishes, made from an accurate survey, made in the Years 1831 and 1832, large scale map engraved by J. Dower, inset view of Lichfield Cathedral, on 4 sheets, dissected and mounted into 64 sections, hand-coloured, folding into original slipcase, worn [Roger 409], total dimensions 1060mm. by 1340mm., [Henry Teesdale, 1832]@Issued by J. Wyld with printed overslip over publications details, and publisher's label on each sheet and slipcase. £500-600 

GREENWOOD (CHARLES and JOHN) Map of the County of Westmorland, from an Actual Survey made in the Years 1822 & 1823, large scale engraved map, including view of Appleby, dissected and mounted into 32 sections, hand-coloured, folding into contemporary tree calf box [Roger 486], total dimensions 1010 by 1410mm., George Pringle, Jun., 1 January, 1824.