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1. Ruger, Edward (by the request of Major-General George Thomas) (Civil War Atlas- 22 Battle & Campaign Maps): History of the Army of theCumberland...Atlas Cincinnati: Robert Clarke & Co. 1875, $495
2.  Lt.-Col Henry John Woods (?) (Atlas, India, 12 Maps, Military Campaigns): L.U.K. (Library of Useful Knowledge) Maps of India, London: Library of Useful Knowledge, 1846,  $ 795.00
3.  Quin, Edward (William Hughes, engraver) ( 21 maps): Historical Atlas in a Series of Maps of the World, as Known at Different Periods, Constructed Upon an Uniform Scale, and Coloured According to the Political Changes of Each Period...New Edition, London and Glasgow: Richard Griffin and Company, 1846, $950.
4.  Rizzi - Zannoni, Giovanni Antonio (Seven Years War, with full Text and 16 maps): Atlas Geographique et Militaire ou Theatre de la Guerre En Allemagne...depuis L'entree des trouppes pussiennes En Saxe en Aoust 1756, jusqu'au commencement de 1762. Paris: Lattre, 1763, $550
5. Fricx, Eugene Henri ( 73 Maps, Malburian Era): Table Des Cartes Des Pays Bas et Des Frontieres De France, Avec Un Recueil Des Plans Des Villes, Sieges et Batailles Donnees Entre Les Hauts Allies et La France,  Brussels: Eugene Henri Fricx, 1712, $8500
6. Rand McNally (Foreign Countries & USA): Rand McNally & Co.'s Indexed Atlas of the World Complete in Two Volumes...Accompanied By a New and Original Compilation Forming a Ready Reference Index... , Rand McNally & Co. 1894, $995
7. Cellarius, Christophorus (Christoph) (21 maps): Notitia Orbis Antiqui, Sive Geographia Plenior...et Novis Tabulis Geographicis... Cantabrigiae: Joannis Oweni, 1703, $1200
8. Wauthier (Mr.) (Linen Backed): Battle Fields. A Graphical Guide to the Places Described in the History of England...Scenes of Such Events Wit the Situations of the Principal Naval Engagements, Fought on the Coast of the British Empire, London: J. Harris (St. Paul's Church Yard), 1807, $395
9.  Smith, J. Calvin (Disturnell): The Illustrated Hand - Book, A New Guide for Travelers Through the United States of America...Embellished with 125 Highly Finished Engravings. Accompanied By a Large and Accurate Map. New York: Sherman & Smith, 1849, $1450
10. . Robertson, Archibald (2 Vol. Set; 11 Maps; 65 plates): A Topographical Survey of the Great Road from London to Bath and Bristol. With Historical and Descriptive Accounts of the Country, Towns, Villages, and Gentle-Men's Seats...Views...Scenery, London: William Faden (vol. 1); R.Faulder (vol. 2), 1792, $1700 
11. Goetghebuer, P. J. (linen backed): Plan Des Batailles Donnees Aux Environs De Waterloo...Sa Majeste Le Roi Des Pay-Bas, Prince D'Orange...Grand-Duc De Luxemborg..., Gand (Gent, Belgium): , 1825, $850
12. Lahontan, Baron De (Louis Armand) (4 Plates, incl. the 2 maps By N. de Fer): Suite Du Voyage De L'Amerique, Ou Dialogues...Baron De Lahontan...Dans L'Amerique...Avec Voyages...Portugal...Danemarc...enrichi De Cartes & De Figures London (Amsterdam): David Mortier (Boeteman), 1704, $1200
13. Zatta, Antonio (Portugal): Regno Di Portogallo, Venice: Antionio Zatta, 1775, $250
14. Chatelain, Henri (Republic of Venice): Carte De Geographie Des Differents Etats De La Republique De Venise, L'Abrege De Son Gouvernment Politique et Ecclesiastique, et Les Etats Ou Elle a Porte La Gloire Ses Armes Amsterdam: Chez Freres Chatelain Libraries, 1708, $325
15.  Pearson, J. (Touring Maps- Sydney, Australia): Pearson's Road Guide (Map) to New South Wales Sydney: H.E.C. Robinson (41 Phillip St.), 1911, $295
16. Pearson, J. (Touring Maps- Australia, Sydney): Pearson's cyclists' and travellers' District Road Map of New South Wales Sydney: J. Pearson (21 Kings Street Arcade), 1902, $295
17. Railway Bureau (Dept. of Communications), (Railroad History): The Growth of the Japanese Railways Tokyo The Japan Times Office 1904, $695
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WO105/HB:  WORLD MAP: Die eigentliche - "Cosmographia Universalis" cartographer:   Heinrich Beunting, (1700)  Woodcut map is the second state from Beunting's work on the  Holy Land, "Itinerarium Scripturae" {1581} 273.1 X 362.0 mm  Condition: VG   $1,650
WO100/CM   WORLD MAP: " Carte Generale du Monde"      Cartographer Covens &  Mortier (1581/1594 )  Beautiful world map from a Dutch Bible.  Very good condition. Attractive coloring.     400.0 X 470.0 mm. $1,495
# AS005/VL  North-East Africa, the Middle East and India: "Deliniantur in hac tabula...ende verbeetert"  -  van Linschoten, Jan Huygen,  c.1596  Very fine condition. Beautiful handcoloring    385.0 X 534.0 mm  $4,050
#AF028/JB  EAST AFRICA: "Carte de la Coste Orientale d'Afrique..." , J.N. Bellin,   c.1750   Very fine condition. Beautiful hand-coloring     209.6 X 257.2 mm : $290
SC007/AC   WEST AFRICA: "Pascaarte van Guinea van Capo Verde tot Capo de Bon Esperance tot Amsterdam" , Arnold Colom, c.1564  Very good condition with hand-coloring.   558.8 X 647.7 mm. $4,250
AF077/ Ruscelli  SOUTHERN AFRICA: "Africa Nuova Tavola" (New map of Africa),  Ruscelli, Girolamo,  c.1504-1566 (c.1561 ) Italian text on verso.   Very good condition. Strong impression. Uncolored as issued.   257.2 X 190.5 mm. $750
AF006/VC AFRICA: "L'Africa divisa nelle sue Parti Secondo le piu moderne, relationis     Coronelli, Vicenzo (c.1691 )   Very fine. Uncolored as issued.  590 X 440 mm. $4,375
AF055/VL  Eastern side of Africa: "Delineatio Orarum maritimarum Terrae vulgo indigitatae Terra do Natal item Sofala Mozambicae & Melindae..." , c.1596   V. Coronelli .  Very fine condition. Beautiful hand-coloring  380 X 553 mm.  $4880
AF011/JD   AFRICA: "Totius Africa Accuratissima Tabula" , c.1690  Justus Danckerts Very fine condition.  Attractive hand-coloring   493 X 580 mm. $1,350
AF023/JS   Africa: "Africae described, the manners of their Habits, and buildings: newly      done into English by I.S., Are to be sold by Tho. Basset in Fleet Street and Ric. Chiswell in St. Pauls Church-yard."  (1627) 1676,  John Speed Very fine condition. Beautiful hand-coloring.  380 X 500 mm.: $5,650
NA003/HC   CARIBBEAN: "Carte Contenant le Royaume du Mexique et la Floride..." ,    c.1720 Chatelain, Henry Abraham. Very fine. Uncolored as issued.  406.4 X 520.7 mm. $1,420
NA011/CB   North America: "Virginiai partis australe et Floridae partis orientalis interjacentium regionum Nova Descriptio" ,   c.1638, Cornelis Blaeu  Fine condition. Nice hand-coloring.  622.3 X 546.1 mm. $1,870
AM003 AMERICA: "Americae sive Nova Orbis nova descriptio" , c.1580, A.  Ortelius Beautifully hand-colored, possibly early coloring. Latin text on verso.   501.7 X 365.1 mm. $7,340
SE1AM/JO   AMERICAS: "A New and Most Exact Map of America". One of a set of four  maps,  1668/c.1671. Uncolored  as issued. 419.1 X 539.8 mm.: $39,500  for the set.
NA002/VC    Americas: "America Settentrionale Colle Nueve Scoperte fin all'Anno 1688, V. Coronelli.   2 sheets.  Fine condition. Uncolored.  609.6 X 450.9 mm. $17,000
SA008/CM   South America: "Carte du Paraguay, du Chili, du Detroit de Magellan &c." ,    1720 , Covens & Mortier.    Very fine condition with full original color.  490.0 X  570.0 mm. $475
NA005/HJ   North America: "Amerique Septrionale divisee en ses Principales Parties ou   sont Distingue ..". , 1730, H. Jaillot.   Fine condition with full hand-coloring.  700 x 520 mm.  $3,500
OD101  LAP MAP: A set of 7 lap maps that were apparently custom made for an early aviator. The maps indicate the air route from Croydon (near London) to Cape Town, South  Africa.  c. 1929,  Cartographer: Stanford's.  These seven folding maps, each within its own cloth covers, and finished with a special laminate, provided some adventurous pilot with a very early navigational map to  help him fly a long and perilous route. Fine Condition considering their age and use. $850
OD103   LAP MAPS: Pair of lap maps showing an air route from the Jordon river to Badhdad: "To and Via Palestine... ,   c. 1921, Maker unknown.  Fine Condition considering their age and use. Some foxing. $1,750
.TP100/VC   TITLE PAGE:  entitled "GLI/ARGONA/UTI" , 1690-91 or  1695-97 V. Coronelli.  probably from the Atlante Veneto. eatures beautifully engraved allegorical and mythological people, mythological creatures, a lion, numerous cherubs in the sky holding an oval containing a globe and a ship. Very good condition.  342.9 X 247.7 mm.: $440

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1. THOMAS, Corbinianus. Capricorn 1730 
2. THOMAS, Corbinianus. Cancer 1730  £300
3. THOMAS, Corbinianus. Aries 1730  £3
4. THOMAS, Corbinianus. Leo 1730  £300
5. THOMAS, Corbinianus. Libra 1730  £300
6. THOMAS, Corbinianus. Pisces 1730  £300
7. JOURNAL DE LA BELGIQUE. Leo Belgicus  1815  £130
8. STRADA, Famiano. Leo Belgicus 1651  £780
9. SCATTAGLIA, Pietro. World Game 1765  £300
10.  MUNSTER, Sebastian. Monsters 1560  £880
11. BELLEFOREST, François de. World 1575  £4,600
12. BORDONE, Benedetto. World 1528  £3,200
13. BÜNTING, Heinrich. World 1581  £2,200
14. DANCKERTS, Justus. World 1685  £5,500
15. DE WIT, Frederick. World II 1688  £6,500
16.    MERCATOR, Rumold. World 1595  £5,200
17. QUAD, Matthias. World 1612  £1,800
18.  WALTON, Robert. World 1659  £6,500
19. HOMANN, Johann Baptist. World & Continents  1740  £6,400
20. ORTELIUS, Abraham. World & Continents  1655  £1,800

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City Plans

1. Bologna 335 x 500mm. Full original colour. 1588 £950
2. Genova 335 x 485mm. Later colour. 1572 £900
3. Kalkar 330 x 480mm. Later colour. 1575 £390
4. Mantua 365 x 500mm. Later colour. 1575 £890
5. Messina 345 x 490mm. Later colour. 1572 £690
6. Staden 390 x 505mm. Later colour. Narrow margins. 1598 £390
7. Strasburg 335 x 420mm. Lightly age-toned. 1572 £490
8. Buda 150 x 470mm. Later colour. . 1572 £495
9. Grodno 310 x 480mm. Later colour. 1575 £650
10. Moscow 350 x 490mm. Later colour. 1575 £980
11. Prague 340 x 475mm. Later colour. 1598 £590
12. Wroclaw 370 x 490mm. Later colour. 1588 £700
13. Bilbao 285 x 485mm. Later colour. Narrow lateral margins. 1575 £590
14. Malaga 335 x 485mm. Later colour. 1572 £395
15. Santander 330 x 475mm. Later colour. 1575 £450
16. Seville 380 x 500mm. Later colour. Trimmed.on right. 1598 £650
17. Toledo 330 x 475mm. Later colour.  1572 £490
18. Chios 325 x 465mm. Later colour.  1588 £890
19. Antwerp 320 x 480mm. Later colour. 1572 £690
20. Rotterdam 290 x 400mm. Original colour. Paper toned  1588 £790

The Baynton-Williams Gallery

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MUNSTER: Colmar.(near Strasburg).   Woodcut.  Published in 1550. Repair at bottom of fold, otherwise good.  230 x 340mm.      £150
ORTELIUS: Angliae, Scotiae, et Hiberniae.  Latin edition of 1579.   Original colour. Fine. 340 x 490mm.  £750
ORTELIUS: Hiberniae, Britannicae Insulae, Nova Descriptio Irlandt.  Latin edition of 1592.  Original colour.  Repair to fold, otherwise fine. 350 x 480mm. £850.
SPEED: Lincolnshire.  1614 edition.  Small repair to area of  loss of paper at foot of fold. 380 x 510mm.       £450
MERCATOR/HONDIUS: Aethiopia, Superior vel interior vulgo Abbissinorum sive Presbiteri Joannis Imperium.  (Central and East Africa).  1639 edition.  Original colour. Fine.
385 x 490mm.  £340
BLAEU: Denbigh and Flint. Published c.1650.  Original colour.  Fine.380 x 500mm. £200
JOSEPH MOXON AFTER NICOLAUS VISSCHER: The Travels of Paul and other apostles. Eastern Mediterranean, from Sicily, to the Gulf of Persia.  Nine biblical scenes at top and bottom. Backed with 19th  century paper, repaired at lower right corner. Published 1683. 320 x 465mm.     £250
WELLS: A New Map of Antient Germany.  Engraved by Sutton Nicholls, published in
Oxford. 1701.  Later colour.  Good. 360 x 480mm.  £150
SELLER: Kent.  Two sheet map, remaining in separate sheets and uncut.  Published by Moll, Overton and King c. 1726.  Fine original colour and condition. Overall 585 x 910mm.  £2850
T. RAPIN, publisher.  R.W.  SEALE, engraver: Correct Chart of the Mediterranean Sea.  Published c.1750.  Later colour. Good.  345 x 710mm.  £225
KITCHIN: Hampshire, published by Tinney in 1753.  Very good impression.  Original
outline colour to map.  520 x 680mm.  £750 
SAYER: A New Map of the Kingdoms of Spain and Portugal.  Published 1790. Original outline colour.  Repair to foot of fold and to lower corners. 470 x 640mm.  £100
D’ANVILLE: :A New Map of Turkey in Asia, published by Laurie & Whittle, 1794. Original wash colour.  510 x 720mm.  £100
DELAROCHETTE: Empire of Germany.  4 sheets joined into two.  Published by Laurie &
Whittle, 1794. Original colour, a little soiled.  Overall 1040 x 1200mm.       £350
LAURIE AND WHITTLE: Italiae Antiquae Geographica.  Published 1794.  Original outline
colour.  Repairs to right side.  620 x 490mm.  £120
CHAUCHARD: Reduced map of the Empire of Germany, Holland, Switzerland & Italy.
Engraved on 3 sheets by S. J. Neale.  Published by Stockdale 1800. Overall 1340 x 820mm.       £185.

Map Collector Publications Ltd

The following are a sample of the books we have available for sale. 
We are the only publisher in the world specialising in books on the history of cartography. We sell our own publications, other publisher's works on the subject, and antiquarian and out of print reference books.

1 Volume I of Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers (A-D). New edition £70 Stg ($113)

2 Who's Who in the History of Cartography:the international guide to the subject  D9  £27Stg ($44) 

3 Miniature Antique Maps: an illustrated guide for the collector £35 Stg ($56)

4 The Shadow of the Moon: British solar eclipse mapping in the 18th century £15 Stg ($24)

5 Cartographical Innovations: an international handbook of mapping terms to 1900 £50 Stg ($81)
6 Bel et Utile: the work of the Robert de Vaugondy family of mapmakers £36 Stg ($58)

7 The County Maps of Old England: Thomas Moule £30 Stg ($48)

8 Early Mapping of South East Asia  by T. Suarez £58 Stg ($93)

9 A complete set of The Map Collector in good condition £750Stg ($1215) postage and packing extra

10 Loose copies of Map Collectors' Circle bound in cloth £16Stg ($26)

11 The Pont Manuscript Maps of Scotland: sixteenth century origins of a Blaeu atlas £20 Stg $32

12 Archival Map Portfolios in black cloth. Ideal for carrying maps. Acid free. £42 Stg ($74) each

NB: Our prices include postage and packing to anywhere in the world unless stated