Jonathan Potter would like to bring the following event to the attention of all interested parties, particularly map dealers and collectors.

On April 25th, 2002 the National Library of Wales at Aberystwyth hosted a full day seminar on "Responding to theft".

The seminar was sponsored by BRICMICS (British and Irish Committee for Map Information and Cataloguing Systems) and the ABA (Antiquarian Booksellers Association.)

Tony Campbell, the former Head of the Map Room, British Library  presented the key note speech and presided.

The seminar was prompted by the spate of map thefts that came to light last year.  All heritage items are at risk and this seminar was seen as a forum where all stake holders have an opportunity to contribute to the discussion and formulation of  "Best practice".  It is of interest to curators, archivists, librarians as well as dealers and private collectors.

The police authorities have to be involved when a crime has been committed.  The initial response is to review security arrangements, restrict public access to the collections. Other topics are improved documentation, dissemination of information and how to handle the media as well as trying to retrieve the stolen property.

Further details of the symposium can be had from Robert Davies or Jonathan Potter.  

Please bring the detail of this meeting to the attention of anyone who might be interested.

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