Welcome to the lastest issue of MapForum.Com

June will see the closure of the second London map shop in a couple of months, although fortunately neither have ceased trading.

On the 19th J.A.L.Franks will be leaving their New Oxford Street premises to a shop near Victoria station, while in April Tooley Adams & Co left Cecil Court near Leicester Square for the home counties. Both had come to the end of their shop leases and, faced with the demands of rapacious landlords, decided to leave.  Both have active web sites, making an expensive shop front less of a necessity. 

Unfortunately  this appears to be the trend in London: the independent businesses are leaving to be replaced by mobile phone shops and sandwich bars. What will London have to offer those over the age of thirty?

On a happier note: Douglas Adams, the 'Adams' of Tooley Adams & Co., has used the closure of their shop as an excuse to retire at the age of 67. He joined Francis Edwards in the early 1960s, working with his step-father, R.V.Tooley, thus contributing extensively to Tooley's various publications. In recent years he has used his position as elder statesman of the London map trade to dispense knowledge and irritate his juniors with stories about the days when Speed world maps were ten-a-penny and lunches tended to last all afternoon. Why were the rest of us born too late?

All at MapForum.Com wish Doug a long and happy retirement.

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