Mapforum Magazine

After five years as a web-based magazine I am pleased to announce the first issue of MapForum Magazine.

While I always had dreams of getting it printed, I didn’t think that in this increasingly paperless society we could reverse the trend. How many other examples are there of online magazines going to paper form? The printed version of MapForum is due to the support and suggestions from readers, dealers and friends, encouragement for which I am very grateful.


As a quarterly publication we will be continuing the format of the web magazine, with Beginner’s Guides, Curiosities, Checklists and Biographies. The internet will continue as a clone publication to the paper journal: a supplement, but not a duplicate, of the printed journal. It will continue to host the checklists and atlas collations, but also feature additional photographs and material that it is not possible to include in the journal for want of space.