Jean Boisseau’s Folio Atlases

A review and summary of Jean Boisseau’s folio atlas output
(Theatre des Gaules and Theatre Geographique)
including details of an hitherto unrecorded “first” atlas published by Boisseau in 1637.

Jean Boisseau, a Parisian map publisher, is recorded as a “master illuminator” in 1631 and a “map colourist” from 1635 – Enlumineur de cartes marines /  Enlumineur du Roy pour les cartes geographiques.  Boisseau published his first map Diocese d’Aire in 1635, and a number of his own maps from 1636.  However, Mirielle Pastoureau in Les Atlas Francais lists only one edition of Boisseau’s atlas Theatre des Gaules, dated 1642.

Jean Boiseau’s 1635 Carte du Diocese D’Aire;

This 1642 edition of Boisseau’s Theatre des Gaules is effectively a continuation of Jean le Clerc’s Theatre Geographique.  At some stage between 1632 and 1641, Boisseau is known to have acquired Jean le Clerc’s map plates from Le Clerc’s widow.

A later 1648 edition of Boisseau’s atlas has also been recorded –

1648 Theatre Geographique ….

This 1648 edition was referred to by L. Loeb Larocque in 1990 in his contribution to the Liber Amicorum to N. Israel.  (Copy in Loeb Larocque private collection then).
Another (dispersed) copy can be inferred from Tooleys Catalogue in 1981 (Cat. 2, item 19).

Pastoureau records that “Boisseau…tres actif jusque’en 1648…disparait ensuite sans laisser
”  However, copies of individual Boisseau maps dated in the 1650’s are known.
From the French state archival records, he still appears to have been active in 1657, receiving permission to publish “un livre de geographie administrative.”

Boisseau’s Publishing Activity (pre-1642)

Boisseau’s earlier publishing activities, before 1642, are not well documented.  Pastoureau reflects that Boisseau “reste quelque peu mysterieux“.

Pastoureau describes two editions of Le Clerc’s Theatre Geographique (Le Clerc F & H), at least one of  which can better be described as an edition published by Boisseau, after his acquisition of Le Clerc’s plates.

1641 (Past. H)  [1644 ?]

This 1641 edition uses the title page from Le Clerc’s widow’s 1632 edition of the Theatre Geographique (her last), but with an additional label pasted over the bottom half of the title page, dated 1641, and clearly indicating that Boisseau was the publisher of this atlas. The only recorded copy of this edition in the Bibliotheque Nationale contains nine views of towns from Boisseau’s Theatre des citez, some with later dates, viz 1643 (3) and 1644 (1).  These town views suggest a later binding of this particular example of his 1641 atlas, indicating an issue date c. 1644.

Boisseau’s view of Rouen published in his Theatre des Citez;

This example contains a full set of Le Clerc’s 52 maps as last published by Le Clerc’s widow in 1632 (except that in this 1641 (1644)  “Boisseau” atlas, the World map by Le Clerc is dated 1633).  It also contains the four continents by Bertius / Tavernier (1627) which were also included by Le Clerc’s widow in her 1632 atlas, suggesting that this 1641 atlas may have been assembled at least in part by Boisseau from printed stock acquired by him.

It is conceivable that Boisseau produced this atlas from stock of bound copies acquired by him, with his own town views being inserted retrospectively in spare guards and with a Boisseau label pasted on the title page.

1631 (Past. F) [1647]

This edition uses the title page from Le Clerc’s widow’s 1631 edition of the Theatre Geographique.  However, the map content of the atlas, with many maps with Boisseau’s name, with one dated as late as 1647, clearly suggests that this atlas was published by Boisseau around 1647, using an old title page of Le Clerc’s widow.

In the only recorded copy of this atlas, there are no obvious signs of a pasted over Boisseau label having been present and subsequently removed, but it is possible that a pasted over label was originally there, or was intended to be there.

A detailed study of plate cracks on some of the “Le Clerc” maps in this 1631 [1647] issue confirms that they were printed later than those in the 1641 [1644] edition above.

Discovery of a hitherto unrecorded 1637 edition of Jean Boisseau’s Theatre des Gaules

Recently, the author was kindly given the opportunity to examine a two-volume composite atlas in a private collection. This atlas, from its title page on Tome I, appears to be a hitherto unrecorded 1637 edition of Jean Boisseau’s Theatre des Gaules.

T H E A T R E  D E S  G A V L E S  OV  DESCRIPTIONS GENERALES  ET PARTICVLIERES DE TOVTES LES  PROVINCES DV ROYAVME DE FRANCE,  auec les Prouinces & Estats circonuoisins.     A   PARIS,   Chez IEAN BOISSEAV,   Enlumineur du Roy pour les  Cartes Marines & Geographiques, en l’Isle du  Palais, a la Fontaine de Iouuence       M. DC. XXXVII

Tome 1 (with unrecorded 1637 Title Page for Boisseau’s Theatre des Gaules)

This unrecorded 1637 Title Page for Boisseau’s Theatre des Gaules, suggests that this atlas pre-dates Boisseau’s other atlas productions described above, and reflects Boisseau’s first effort at atlas production, before he had many maps of his own and before he had acquired Le Clerc’s plates – with Boisseau using map sheets from other mapmakers and in particular from Christophe Tassin.

Tassin first published his maps in his own atlas Cartes Generale de Toutes Les Provinces de France in 1634, with an enlarged second edition in 1637 (France, royaumes et provinces d’Europe).

Tassin’s 1634 Carte Generale de Champagne from his atlas Cartes Generale de Toutes Les Provinces de France;

Another French map publisher, Melchior Tavernier, used some Tassin maps in his own atlas production (Theatre Geographique 1634, 1637, 1638 ?, 1643).  Tassin sold his plates to Antoine de Fer and Nicolas Berey in 1644.  Mariette later used Tassin maps in his Theatre Geographique. Tassin also delegated the publication of several of his other atlases between 1633 and 1638 simultaneously to various map publishers in Paris (Gobert, Messager, van Lochom, M. Tavernier and Cramoisy).

In that overall context, it seems reasonable to presume that Boisseau used Tassin’s maps as the basis for his earliest atlas publication.

The only other explanation would seem to be that someone has combined a copy of Tassin’s own 1637 atlas (Pastoureau IIB), with a collection of other contemporary miscellaneous maps.  However, this would not explain the existence of the Boisseau Theatre des Gaules 1637 title page.  (Boisseau would have had to have used somebody else’s maps in his 1637 atlas, as he did not have his own maps of France at that time).

The title page of Boisseau’s 1637 Theatre des Gaules is different from his 1642 title page. The typefaces have been set slightly differently and they have a different address / description (and date).

Eight of Tassin’s maps, published in his own 1637 atlas, are not included by Boisseau in this atlas, viz  Tassin’s Carte de France (Boisseau has no specific replacement for this general map);  Touraine (Boisseau uses the Bouguereau / Le Clerc map);  Pais Bas and Hollande (both replaced by one map – Boisseau’s / Meufves own Pais Bas map), and Tassin’s 4 maps covering Lorraine et Bar (replaced by 2 maps by Bouguereau / Le Clerc).

This example of Boisseau’s 1637 Theatre des Gaules (Tome 1) contains a total of 76 maps (in 75 folio pages) [coincidentally, almost exactly the same number as his 1642 edition in the BN, based on Le Clerc’s plates].

The 75 folio maps in Tome 1

By MapmakerBy Area
Bouguereau / Le Clerc3Other Europe29
Le Clerc6World1
Boisseau / Meufves5
van Lochom1
H. Hondius12
H. Hondius / M. Tavernier2

The Tassin maps are all undated.  Only 12 of the other maps are dated, 11 between 1624 – 1636, with one (Boisseau) map dated 1639, suggesting an actual date of issue of 1639 for this example.

Tome 2 (without title page)

This untitled volume, in a matching re-binding to Tome 1, contains 64 maps covering a wide range of other countries around the world. The latest map is dated 1637 (Boisseau).

The 64 maps in Tome 2

Boisseau / Meufves5Jansson29
M. Tavernier1Blaeu4
van Lochom1Dankerts1
anon (celestial)1Visscher1

It seems reasonable to conclude that this second volume was designed to complement Tome 1, and was put together at the same time, probably by Boisseau as a map publisher and seller.

Individual Maps


The World map in Tome I of Boisseau’s Theatre des Gaules of 1637 [1639] is M. van Lochom’s map of 1636, engraved by Henry Le Roy.  [This map is reported by Shirley to appear in some 1637 (Admiralty Library London, Vb 11) and 1640 editions of Tassin’s atlas (this occurrence is not listed in Pastoureau).]

Boisseau’s own world map of 1636, Nouvelle et Exacte Description de la Terre Universelle…par I.B., does not appear in Tome 1 or Tome 2.  This map first appears in Boisseau’s 1642 Atlas and also in Boisseau’s 1641 [1644 ?] publication of the Theatre Geographique described earlier.

In Tome 2, Boisseau’s own double spherical world map appears, Nouvelle description de tout la terre, which keys the world religions.  This map is undated, but is dated by Shirley c. 1640.

Jean Boisseau’s Nouvelle description de tout la terre;


The map of America in Tome 2 of Boisseau’s Theatre des Gaules of 1637 [1639] is Boisseau’s own map AMERICA noviter delineata … Auct.  Judoco Hondio engraved by H. Picart.  (Boisseau did not sign this map).

This map is given the date of c. 1636 by Burden, in line with Boisseau’s maps of the world and other continents.  [Boisseau’s Europe map, dated 1636, appears in Tome 1 of this 1637 edition of Theatre des Gaules.]

This map of America appears in Boisseau’s 1642 atlas, but has so far not been recorded in any publication prior to that date.

This 1637 [1639] atlas is probably the earliest recorded publication of this map of America in an atlas.

Boisseau’s America noviter delineata…;

Boisseau’s Own Maps

A total of 10 Boisseau maps appear in this atlas.

In Tome 1 are his first map Diocese d’Aire 1635, Pais Bas 1636, Europe 1636, Costes de Havres de Bayonne (undated) and Comte de Rousillon 1639.

In Tome 2 appear his three other maps of the Continents AfricaAsia and America, plus his Description de la terre (Scripture lands) engraved by Picart and dated 1637 and his World (Religions) map described above.

All of these Boisseau maps (except the “Scripture lands” map) also appear in the 1642 edition of the Theatre des Gaules.

The fact that the set of four continents are split between the two volumes and that Europe is in the first volume preceding the maps of France supports the view that these two volumes were prepared as one entity.

Boisseau’s Costes de Havres de Bayonne…;


It seems likely that this is a copy of Boisseau’s earliest atlas production Theatre des Gaules 1637 (1639) and is previously unrecorded.

This 1637 (1639) atlas is probably the earliest recorded publication of Boisseau’s map of America in an atlas.

This atlas is based on Tassin’s map sheets, plus a range of cartes hollandaises, predominantly Mercator / Hondius / Jansson, plus 10 Boisseau maps in total.

Both volumes appear to have been published / sold as one entity.

It would appear that Boisseau acquired Le Clerc’s map plates between 1637 (1639?) and 1641. Prior to his acquisition of Le Clerc’s map plates, Boisseau, like other Parisian map publishers at the time used some Le Clerc maps in making up his Atlases.

A total of  5  folio atlases are now known to have been published by Jean Boisseau.  These atlases (listed below) were published between 1637 and 1648, substantially extending the period of Boisseau’s known folio atlas publishing activities.

This article forms part of an on-going review of Jean Boisseau’s map publishing activities by the author.  Any information on other institutional or private copies of Boisseau’s folio Atlases not recorded above would be welcomed by the author, who can be contacted via the Editor.

List of Known Folio Atlases by Jean Boisseau

1. 1637 (1639)Theatre des Gaules ou Descriptions Generales et Particulieres de toutes les Provinces du Royaume de France, avec les Provinces & Estats circonuoisins  
A PARIS chez Jean Boisseau … en l’Isle du / Palais, a la Fontaine de Iouuence / M.DC. XXXVII.
Not previously recorded. 
In private collection
2. 1641 (1644)Theatre Geographique du Royaume de France [Title page from Le Clerc’s widow’s 1632 edition with an overpasted engraved label] A PARIS chez
Jean Boisseau / Enlumineur du Roy pour les cartes Geographiques demeurant en l’Isle du Palais a la Fontaine de Iouuence Royalle Avec Privilege de sa Majeste   1641.
BN Impr., Fol. L8. 1B.
Pastoureau, Le Clerc H.
3. 1642Theatre des Gaules ou Descriptions Generales et Particulieres de toutes les Provinces du Royaume de France, avec les Provinces & Estats circonuoisins A PARIS chez Jean Boisseau … en l’Isle du Palais / sur le Quay qui regarde la Megisserie, a la Fountaine / de Iouuence Royalle. / M.D.C. XLIIBN GE. DD. 1147.
This is the only atlas listed under Boisseau by Pastoureau.
4.“1631” (1647) Theatre Geographique du Royaume de France 
Title page from Le Clerc’s widow’s 1631 edition (no Boisseau label)
BN Impr. Fol. L8. 1A.
Pastoureau, Le Clerc F.
5. 1648Theatre Geographique du Royaume de France, Augmente de plusiers cartes… A PARIS par Jean Boisseau … sur le pont aux Changes, a la Fontaine de Iouvence Royale, pres le Chastelet.
Private collection.
Not in Pastoureau.


slnd : (sans lieu ni date) = without signature, undated.

Theatre des Gaules – 1637

Tome 1 (with title page)

1Nova Totius Terrarum OrbisJ. Hondius / M. van Lochom, Henry le Roy fecit, 1636.
2Europa Exactissima DescriptaJ. Hondius / Boisseau, 1636.
3Carte de L’Isle de France et BrieTassin, s.l.n.d.
4Carte de France Valois et TardenoisTassin, s.l.n.d.
5Carte de Vexin Beauvoisis et HurepoixTassin, s.l.n.d.
6Hainault, Cambresis et Chastellenie de DouayTassin, s.l.n.d.
7Vermandois Tierasche duche de Guize et LaonoisTassin, s.l.n.d.
8Carte Generale des Pais Bas Novellement AugmenteeMeufves / Boisseau, 1636.
9Duche D’Aumalle Comte et Vidamie D’Amiens et Comte D’EuTassin, s.l.n.d.
10Boulonnois Pontieu Artois Comte de S Paul et pays de la LocoueTassin, s.l.n.d.
11Carte Generale de Picardie et ArtoisTassin, s.l.n.d.
12Carte de NormandieTassin, s.l.n.d.
13Carte de BretagneTassin, s.l.n.d.
14Carte de MaineTassin, s.l.n.d.
15Carte du Duche d’AniouTassin, s.l.n.d.
16[ Touraine ]Bouguereau / Le Clerc, GT  (Gabriel Tavernier), 1592.
17Carte du Duche d’OrleansTassin, s.l.n.d.
18Description du pais de BeauceJean le Clerc, n.d.
19Carte du Gastinois et SenonoisJean le Clerc, n.d.
20Carte General de ChampagneTassin, s.l.n.d.
21Souverainete de Sedan et Raucourt et la prevoste de DoncheriH. Hondius / M.Tavernier, n.d.
22Lorraine vers SeptentrionBouguereau / Le Clerc, n.d.
23Lorraine vers le MidyBouguereau / Le Clerc, n.d.
24Palatinat du RheinTassin, s.l.n.d.
25La Haulte ElsaceTassin, s.l.n.d.
26Carte de la Basse ElsaceTassin, s.l.n.d.
27Carte Generale de Poictou Xaintonge Angoulmois et
pays d’Aulnix
Tassin, s.l.n.d.
28Carte de BerryTassin, s.l.n.d.
29Carte du pais de BourbonoisJean le Clerc, s.l.n.d.
30Carte de NivernoisTassin, s.l.n.d.
31Carte du Duche de BourgongneTassin, s.l.n.d.
32Carte de la Franche Comte et du Duche de MontbeliartTassin, s.l.n.d.
33Des treze cantons de Suisse, Vallay, ligues Grises, Maison Dieu & ValtelineTassin, s.l.n.d.
34Lacus LemaniJ. Hondius Jnr.( Jansson), n.d.
35Carte de BresseTassin, s.l.n.d.
36Carte du Lionnais Forest et BeauvieloisTassin, s.l.n.d.
37Carte de DauphineTassin, s.l.n.d.
38Carte du Contat d’ Avignon et VenaisainJean le Clerc, Picquet  f., n.d.
39Carte de provenceTassin, s.l.n.d.
40[Costes particuliere des costes de Provence] Cote de la Mer de BerreTassin, s.l.n.d.
41Carte Particuliere des Costes de ProvenceTassin, s.l.n.d.
42[Costes de Provence] Cote de cap Benat a Nice, Isle de LeuentTassin, s.l.n.d.
43Description du Cap de la Croix Isles Ste Marguerite et St HonoratTassin, s.l.n.d.
44Golphie de GrimaultTassin, s.l.n.d.
45Carte du LanguedocTassin, s.l.n.d.
46Novelle description du Comte de RoussilloBoisseau, 1639.
47Description du pais de QuercyJean le Clerc, s.l.n.d.
48Carte generale de GuyenneTassin, s.l.n.d.
49Des Costes et Havres de Bayonne, St Jean de Lux, La
Boisseau, H. Picart fecit, n.d.
50Carte du Diocese d’aire Nouvellement designeeBoisseau, Henri le Roy fecit, 1635.
51Carte de LimosinTassin, s.l.n.d.
52Descrition du deocese de Sarlat et haut PerigordJean le Clerc, H. Picart incidit, 1624.
53Carte des Comtes de Flandres Artois et HaynaultTassin, s.l.n.d.
54Novissima et Accuratissima Brabantiae Ducatus TabulaH. Hondius, 1629.
55Mechlinia Dominium et Aerschot DucatusJansson, n.d.
56Accuratissima Ditionis Sylvae Ducensis TabulaH. Hondius, n.d.
57Comitatus HollandiaeH. Hondius, Salomon Rogiers Sculpsit, 1629.
58Episcop UltraiectinusH. Hondius, Evert Symonszoom Hamersveldt sculpsit, 1628.
59Typus FrisiaeJansson, Sculpserunt Salomon Rogeri et E.S. Hamersveldt, n.d.
60Frisia OccidentalisH. Hondius, Sculpserunt E.S. Hamersveldt et S. Rogeri, n.d.
61de Heerlycheyt van Over-pssel van nieuws
Visscher, n.d.
62Drentiae DD StatoribusH. Hondius, 1634.
63Carte des Duches de Gueldres et Cleves Comte de Zutphen Frise et OuerysselTassin, s.l.n.d.
64Ducatus GeldriaeH. Hondius, A. Goos sculpsit, 1629.
65Descriptio di Fort de Schincke et pays circonuoisinsTassin, s.l.n.d.
66Fossa EugenianaH. Hondius, n.d.
67Carte des Duches de Luxembourg Iuliers et Partie de Brabant et Comte de NamurTassin, s.l.n.d.
68Carte des Duches de Luxembourg Iuliers et Partie de Brabant et Comte de NamurH. Hondius, n.d.
69a Regionum Urbum et Fluminium quae notissimum Comitatum MursG. Mercator, n.d.
69b Murs ComitatusG. Mercator, n.d.
70Ducatus Iuliacensis Cliviensis Montensis etcVisscher, 1633.
71Comitatus ZulphaniaVisscher, n.d.
72Comitatus Bentheimensis Nova descriptioH.  Hondius, n.d.
73Diocesis LeodiensisH.  Hondius, n.d.
74Namuran ComitatusH. Hondius, 1632.
75L’Archevesche de cambrayH. Hondius / M.Tavernier, n.d.

Theatre des Gaules (without title page)

Tome 2

1Celestial charts (Double Sphere)s.l.n.d.
2Nouvelle description de tout la terre…(Double Sphere)Boisseau, n.d.
3Tabula Islandia  Auctore Georgio Carolo Flandro(Jansson), s.l.n.d.
4Anglia RegnumJansson, n.d.
5Carte General d’HespagneTassin, s.l.n.d.
6Granata et Murcia Regna
7Gallaecia regnum descripta a F. Fer Ojea
8Germaniae Veteris typus
9Carte generalle d’Almaigne nouvellement…Jansson, n.d.
10Carte de La Basse Allemagne Westphalie et Duches de Braunswyck et LunenbourgTassin, s.l.n.d.
11Duches De Saxe Meklembourg Pomeraine Prusse et Marquisat de BrandenbourgTassin, s.l.n.d.
12Royaumes de Boheme Et Hongrie Duche De Bavieres et Archiduche d’AustricheTassin, s.l.n.d.
13Palatinats Du Rhein et Bavieres Duches de Franconie Wirtemberg… Suisse, …TyrolTassin, s.l.n.d.
14Ducatus Holsatiae Nova TabulaH. Hondius, n.d.
15Nobilis Fluvicus Albis…Jansson, n.d.
16Tabula Electoratus Brandenburgici, Meckelenburgi et … Pomeraniae(Blaeu ?), 1630.
17Prussia Accurate DescriptaJansson, Sculpserunt Salomon Rogeri et E.S. Hamers-veldt, n.d.
18Silesia Ducatus Nova et accurata descriptioJansson, n.d.
19Poloniae et SilesiaeVisscher, 1633.
20Daniae Regni Typus…Jansson, (P. Kaerius caelavit ?), 1629.
21Tabula Exactissima Regnorum Sueciae et Norvegiae..Gustavo Adolpho DG(Jansson), s.l.n.d.
22Rhaetiae subditarumqueJansson, n.d.
23 Nova Helvetiae TabulaJ. Hondius (Jnr) / Jansson, n.d.
24Maximi Totius Europae Fluminus Danubii cursus per Germanium HungarumqueH. Hondius, n.d.
25Bavariae Superioris et Inferioris nova descriptioJansson, n.d.
26Austria ArchiducatusC. Dankerts, n.d.
27Hungaria RegnumG. Mercator / H. Hondius, n.d.
28Transylvania SibenburgenG. Mercator / Jansson, n.d.
29Tabula Russiae MDC XIIIIHessel Gerritsz / Blaeu, 1614.
30Carte de la Duche de Milan et principaute de PiedmontTassin, s.l.n.d.
31Seigneurie de Genes,Comte de Nice et Partie de L’Isle de CorsseTassin, s.l.n.d.
32Carte des Duchez de Mantove, Ferrare et Seigneurie de VeniseTassin, s.l.n.d.
33Piemonte et MonferratoJansson, n.d.
34Mantua DucatusJansson, n.d.
35Ducato de Modena Regio et Carpi Col Dominio della CarsagnaniJansson, n.d.
36Ducato di Parma et di PiacenzaH. Hondius, n.d.
37Stato della republica di LuccaH. Hondius, Everardus Simonis Hamers-veldt Sculpsit, n.d.
38Dominio FiorentinoJansson, n.d.
39Patrimoine St Pierre et FlorentinTassin, s.l.n.d.
40Ischia Isola olim AenariaJansson, n.d.
41Siciliae regnumG. Mercator, n.d.
42Sclavonia Croatia Bosnia cum Dalmatiae parteG. Mercator, n.d.
43Graecia SophianiM. van Lochom, Henri le Roy fecit, 1636.
44Turcici Imperii Imago(Mercator), s.l.n.d.
45Asia recens Summa cura delineataJ. Hondius /(Meufves/Boisseau), H. Picart Sculpcit, n.d.
46Description de la Terre (Scripture lands)Boisseau, H. Picart Fecit, 1637.
47Persia sive Sophorum Regnum(Jansson), s.l.n.d.
48Magni Mogolis ImperiumH. Hondius, n.d.
49Indiae Orientalis Nova DescriptioJansson, n.d.
50Insularum Moluccarum Nova descriptioJansson, n.d.
51China Veteribus Sinarum Regio nunc Incolis Tame dictaJansson, n.d.
52Tartaria Sive Magni chami Imperium(Jansson), s.l.n.d.
53Africae nova TabulaJ. Hondius / Meufves / Boisseau, H. Picart sculpsit, n.d.
54GuineaJansson, n.d.
55Aethopia superior vel interior vulgo Abissinorum sive Presbiteri Ioannis Imperium(Blaeu), s.l.n.d.
56Aethiopia Inferior vel exterior(Blaeu), s.l.n.d.
57America noviter delineataJ. Hondius /(Meufves/Boisseau), H. Picart fecit, n.d.
58Insulae Americanae in Oceano Septentrionali cum Terris adiacentibusJansson, n.d.
59Nova Virginiae TabulaH. Hondius, n.d.
60Terra Firma et novum Regnum Granatense et popayanJansson, n.d.
61PeruJ. Hondius (Jnr), n.d.
62Paraguay Prov. de Rio de la Plata…TVCUMAN et Sta Cruz de la SierraJansson, n.d.
63Freti magellanici ac novi Freti vulgo Le Maire(Blaeu/Jansson ?), s.l.n.d.
64Accuratissima Brasilia TabulaH. Hondius, n.d.


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