Barent Langenes: Unrecorded Miniature Atlas

Recently the London dealer, Graham Franks of J.A.L. Franks acquired an untitled edition of Barent Langenes’ miniature atlas, which contained a number of supplementary maps performed by the English engraver Benjamin Wright, that I had never seen (or more importantly, perhaps) heard of.  As I am currently working on a carto-bibliography of maps by British and Irish mapmakers and publishers, it was clear that additional research was required, as representing a substantial, and very interesting addition to his known corpus.

A preliminary examination showed three groupings of maps: the majority were from plates used in the 1598 and later editions of Langenes’ Caert-Thresoor, the second those engraved by Wright (who worked in Amsterdam circa 1596 to circa 1603, and perhaps later) and a smaller number of maps engraved in a later, mid-seventeenth century style.

Title page of Cornelis Claesz’s Caert-Thresoor;

Two initial clues presented themselves.  Two maps, of the World and Germany, were signed by Claes Jansz. Visscher, while both world maps had been re-engraved to show the discoveries of Tasman in Australia, in the 1640’s.

Fortunately, the British Library’s Map Library was at hand.  In their vast collections is located the only example cited by Koeman of Visscher’s Tabularum Geographarum Contractarum (published in 1649) (Atlantes Neerlandici, vol. III, Vis. 4).  There the atlas is described, without collation, as “A reissue of, most probably, the original basic text, with the old plates of the Caert-Thresoor by Langenes. For this edition, Visscher engraved new title pages, and enlarged the number of plates”.

The atlas is composed of eight books, without text, lettered a to h. Five are devoted to Europe (a with 29 maps; b, 40 maps; c, 29 maps, d, 28 maps and e, 34 maps). F, with 37 maps, is devoted to Asia, g (20 maps, not 29 as given by Koeman) devoted to Africa, and h (25 maps) to the Americas.  In total, the atlas contains 10 engravings (title-pages etc) and 242 maps and view.

Barent Langenes’ 1612 map of Burma which first appeared in his 1598 edition of his Caert-Thresoor;

A cursory examination showed that the Franks atlas was a second example of three of the eight books (a, b and e), albeit issued without the preliminary material, and the celestial map.

While the initial intention was to collate the Franks copy, it became clear that the number of very interesting and important maps in the other five books made collating the entire atlas a priority.  However, it should be noted that all the illustrations accompanying the collation are taken from the Franks copy.  While not ideal, I could discern no difference in the maps, or indeed, in the strength of impression, between the two examples.

As a preliminary conclusion, it would seem that, by 1649, Visscher had come into possession of the original Langenes plates, which were owned by Cornelis Claesz, the Amsterdam publisher, before passing to his business successsor Hendrick Laurentsz, who re-printed the atlas in 1609 and 1612.  Their whereabouts after this date is uncertain. Of the maps engraved by Wright, I have, so far, traced only one in a contemporary publication, (map no. 12 in the collation), in the 1603 edition of Lucas Jansz. Waghenaer’s Den Grooten Dobbelden Nieuwe Spieghel Der Zeevaert, conveniently also published by Claesz (and also conveniently in the BL’s Map Library).   This map is one of 12 miniature maps engraved by Wright found  printed set in the text.  The similarity of style and engraving between the two groups is so close as to lead to the conclusion that they were engraved as one series, perhaps for the Caert-Thresoor, but perhaps also for the Spieghel der Zeevaert, as the majority of the maps have a maritime theme.

Nicholas Visscher’s 1658 Orbis Terrarum Nova et Accuratissima Tabula;

The final group of engravings were presumably prepared by Visscher to supplement the existing plates.  The only changes that Visscher seems to have made to the existing plates were to re-engrave the two world maps, and add volume and plate numbers to each of the maps.  In this state, they are only rarely found described in the standard regional carto-bibliographies, such as Rodney Shirley’s Mapping Of The World.

If Wright’s engravings date from circa 1603, which seems plausible, they include very early delineations of parts of Mauritius, Borneo and the Philippines, of Havana harbour, Puerto Rico, the island of Sta. Margareta (to the west of Trinidad), the coast of Venezuela, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, and the Magellan Straits.

However, the two most important items are to be attributed to Visscher. Map 196, ‘T’ LAND VAN / DE EENDRACHT’ is a map of Australia (or rather such parts known at the time) and is the earliest printed map of that Continent known to the writer, and which is not noted, inter alia, by Gunter Schilder in his ‘Australia Unveiled’.  The second, map 197:  ‘Anthoni van Diemens Landt…’ depicts the coast of South Australia, and Tasmania (although only the southern coast is marked), and again much pre-dates anything else the writer knows of.

The writer would like to acknowledge the kindness of Graham Franks in allowing his atlas to be collated and illustrated.

A Collation of Barent Langenes’ 1649 Tabularum Contractarum

Part A

001[Untitled Celestial Chart In Two Hemispheres] a 2. [4e]60 x 122mm
Border: 83 x 123mm
Plate: 87 x 125mm
002 TYPUS ORBIS TERRARUM [2a, ob – 4a, ob] DOMINI EST TERRA ET PLENITVDO EIUS. / CIVisscher Excudit. [2e, ob – 4e, ob] a 3 [4d]
Unrecorded second state, with the southern continent deleted, and the Australian coast inserted.
60 x 120mm
B: 83 x 122mm
P: 85 x 126mm
003 [Untitled Double Hemisphere Map Of The World] CIVisscher Excudit [2e, ob – 4e, ob] IEHOVA [3a, ob] a 4 [4d, ob]
Unrecorded second state, with the southern continent deleted, and the Australian coast inserted.
69 x 123mm
B: 85 x 123mm
P: 87 x 126mm
004 EUROPA [5c] Iodocus Hondius cæla. [5c] a. 5 [5e]B: 85 x 123mmLangenes
005 [Untitled Map Of Iceland] Petrus / Kærius cælavit. [1e] a. 6 [4e]85 x 124mmLangenes
006 HIBERNIA [5a] a. 7 [4d]83 x 122mmLangenes
007 SCOTIA. [5d] a 8 [4d]83 x 122mmLangenes
008 Alata castra Scotiæ / Regia urbs et Metrolis / Vulgó Edimburgum. [5e] Ben: Wright cælator. [2e] a. 9 [4d]80 x 119mm
009 ANGLIA. [5d] Pe. Kærius fecit [4e] a 10 [5d]83 x 122mmLangenes
010CAMBRIA. [5d] a. 11 [5e]83 x 123mmLangenes
011Milfort extre[m]us / Angliæ portus in / Cambriæ provinciæ [1e] B.W. fe.[4e] a 12 [5e]84 x 116mmClaesz
012Promontorium Angliæ / Cornubia. Iuxta quod / genuina hicdatur Situatio / Insularum Sorlingarum. / adquas multæ illidunt / naves. Ben. W. cælator. [1a] a. 13 [4e]82 x 121mmClaesz
013Tamesis, Britanniæ / nobilissimum flumen Lon= / dinum regiam urbom / præterlabens. [5e] BW / cælater. [1d] a. 14 [5d]82 x 118mmClaesz
014Septen= / triona / lium re= / gionu[m] / descrip. [5e] Petrus Kaerius / fecit et cælavit. [4e] a. 15. [5e]83 x 121mmLangenes
015Nortcaep. [5a] [Scandinavia] a. 16. [5e]85 x 124mmLangenes
016Norwegia. [5a] a. 17. [4e]85 x 112mmLangenes
017Vera deliniatio et / situs insulæ Wardhuys- / iæ ex inspectione ocu- / lari efformatæ per / Ioannem Hugonis Lin- / schotanum Anno / 1594. [1e] B.W. caelator. [5e] a. 18. [5d]81 x 118mmClaesz
018Delineatio vera / Insulæ Kilduyn. [1e] B.W: caela. [5e] a. 19. [5d]82 x 117mmClaesz
019DANIA. [5c] Pe: Kærius fecit. [5d] a. 20 [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
020 Fretum hoc Sondæ nomine / celebre est in quo aduna[m] / Omnes hares traseuntes, Regi / Daniæ Telonium coguntur persoluere. [1e] B.W. caela.t.or [4e] a. 21. [4d] 83 x 119mmClaesz
021Fretici Danici or / Sundt accuratis / delineatio. [5c] Beniamin Wright cælator. [1e] a. 22 [4e]83 x 118mmClaesz
022 Topographia Insulæ Huenæ / in celebri porthmo Regna / Daniæ, quem Vulgo Oersunt / uocant. [1a] B= W= cælator. [5e] a. 23 [5d]83 x 118mmClaesz
023 GOTIA. [5e] a: 24 [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
024 [Untitled Map Of ‘Got / land’] a. 25. [5e]84 x 122mmLangenes
025 PRUSSIA. [5e] a. 26. [5e]86 x 124mmLangenes
026 Situs Opidi Gedani Vulgo / Dantzick. ubiquotidie plus / mille onera Tritici Siliginisq / permutantur. [erasure of a date]. [1a] Beniamin Wright cælator. [2e] a. 27. [5e]83 x 118mmClaesz
027 LITHUA / NIA. [1d] a. 28. [5e]87 x 127mmVisscher
028 Livoniæ / descrip. [1c] a. 29. [5e]86 x 124mmLangenes
029 Vrbs Riga ab exteris / longe expetua ob divers= / sarum ibidem mercium / æbundantiam. Insula / Oisalia in longitudinem / 14. in latitudinem 7 mili- / aeia extenditur. [1a] B.W.cælator. [2e] a. 30. [4a-5a]84 x 118mmClaesz

Part B

030 GERMANIA. [1e] CIVisscher excudit. [2e, in border] b.1 [5d]85 x 123mmLangenes
031 [Untitled Map Of ‘FRI= / SIA / ORI= / ENTALIS’] Petrus Kæri= / us cælavit. [1e] b. 2. [4e]85 x 123mmLangenes
032 Mara ostia fluminium flu= / entorumq Weseræ saluet / et Albis torúmq genuinus / Sitas: pequentia nauigationis / celeberrima. [1a] B.W. cæla. [5e] b. 3. [5d]82 x 120mmClaesz
033 Comitatus / OLDENBORG. [3a] b. 4. [5e]87 x 131mmVisscher
034 THIET / MARSIA. [5a] b. 5. [5e]86 x 121mmLangenes
035 DUC. / HOLSA / TIA. [1e] b.6. [4e]89 x 129mmVisscher
036 MEKLENBVRG / DVCATVS. [1a] b. 7. [5e]86 x 128mmVisscher
037 POMERANIA. [3a] b 8. [4e]86 x 124mmLangenes
038 Brandenburg. [5e] b. 9. [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
039 Ducatus LUNEBUR / GENSIS. [4a] b. 10 [5e]89 x 126mmVisscher
040 Westphalia. [5a] b. 11. [4e]85 x 123mmLangenes
041 OSNABRUGEN / SIS / Episcopatus. [5e] b 12 [5e]89 x 127mmVisscher
042 PADERBORN [2a] b. 13. [5d]83 x 123mmVisscher
043 MONASTERIENSIS / Episcopatus. [5a] b. 14. [5d]82 x 123mmVisscher
044 CLIVIA / Ducatus. [1e] Petrus Kærius cæla. [5a] b. 15. [4e]83 x 120mmLangenes
045 COLONIENSIS / DIOECESIS. [1e] Petrus Kærius cælavit. [1a] b / 16. [5e]82 x 121mmLangenes
046 NASSOVIA / Comitatus. [1a] b. 17. [5d]85 x 122mmVisscher
047 HASSIÆ DESCRIPTIO. [5a] b. 18 [5e]87 x 122mmVisscher
048THURINGIA [1e] b. 19. [4e]89 x 128mmVisscher
049 SAXONIA THU / RINGIA, MISNIA. [1e] b. 20 [5e]85 x 122mmLangenes
050 SILESIA. [2d] b. 21. [4e]85 x 125mmLangenes
051 Oswieczime[n]sis et / Zatoriensis Duc. [5e] b. 22. [5e]86 x 125mmLangenes
052 Tra[n]ssilvania. [3a] b. 23 [5e]85 x 124mmLangenes
053 BOHEMIA. [5e] b. 24 [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
054 FRANCONIA. [1a] b / 25 [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
055 Territorium / NORIMBERGENSE. [1a] b 26 [5d]88 x 127mmVisscher
056 PALATINA= / TUS RHENI [3e] b. 27. [4e]82 x 121mmLangenes
057 ERPACH / Comitatus. [4d] b / 28. [5e]86 x 124mmVisscher
058 ALSATIA. [4a] b. 29. [4e] P. Kærius / cælavit. [4b] b. 29 [4e]82 x 121mmLangenes
059 SABAUDIA / Ducatus.[5c] b. 30. [4e]82 x 122mmVisscher
060 HELVE / TIA. [1b] b 31 [5e]84 x 124mmLangenes
061 GRISONS / en / VELTOLINA. [1a] b / 32. [5e]89 x 124mmVisscher
062 SVEVIÆ / NOVA / TABULA. [1a] b. 33 [4e]88 x 127mmVisscher
063 BAVARIA. [5e] b. 34 [5e]85 x 121mmLangenes
064 NORI / CUM. [1c] b.35 [5e]84 x 121mmLangenes
065 TIROLIS / COMITA. [5a] b. 36 [5e]84 x 121mmLangenes
066 Salisburgen / sis Dioecesis. [5e] b 37 [5e]85 x 124mmLangenes
067 Austria. [1e] b 38 [5e]84 x 121mmLangenes
068 HUNGARIA. [5e] b. 39. [4e]85 x 124mmLangenes
069 POLONIA. [1a] b 40. [4e]85 x 123mmLangenes

Part C

070 BELGIA / ANTIQUA / Oudt Nederlandt. [5a] CJV / excudit. [1c] c 1 [5d]90 x 125mmVisscher
071 Inferior / Germania. [5e] c. 2 [5e]85 x 124mmLangenes
072 BRABANTIA. [5e] c. 3. [5d]85 x 122mmLangenes
073 LIM / BURGUM. [1a] c 4. [5d]86 x 123mmLangenes
074 LIMBURG / Ducatus. [5a] c.5. [5d]87 x 125mmVisscher
075 Lutzenburg. [1e] c. 6 [5d]85 x 123mmLangenes
076 GELDRIA. [5e] c. 7. [5e]87 x 125mmLangenes
077 [Untitled Map Of ‘BOOMELER WEERT’ and environs] Petrus Kærius cæla. [5e] c. 8. [5d]86 x 121mmLangenes
078 Comitatus / ZUTPHANIA. [3a] c.9. [4d]86 x 128mmVisscher
079 FLANDRIA. [1e] c. 10 [5e]86 x 122mmLangenes
080 [Untitled Map Of ‘Duijnkercke’ and environs] Ben: Wright cælator. [1e] C. 11 [5e]82 x 121mmClaesz
081 ARTESIA. [1c] C. 12 [5e]85 x 121mmLangenes
082 HANNONIA. [5a] C. 13. [4e]85 x 122mmLangenes
083 HOLLANDIA. [5a] C. 14 [5e]85 x 124mmLangenes
084 Zuydholla[n]d. [1a] C. 15. [4e]89 x 124mmLangenes
085 [Untitled Plan Of ‘Arx Britannica’] P.K. cælavit. [4e] C. 16. [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
086 1597 / HOLLAN / DIA / SEPTEN. / [scale bar] / Petrus Kæri / us cælavit. [1e] C. 17 [5d]85 x 122mmLangenes
087 Die Zyp. [4a] C. 18. [5e]86 x 124mmLangenes
088 Sinus Austraicus (vulgo / dictus Mare Austriacu[m] / navibus et piscibus præ / cunctis Europa flumibus, / ditispnius hicad vivum / repræsentatus. [4d] B.W. cælator. [1e] C. / 19. [5e]81 x 117mmClaesz
089 SELANDIA. [5e] C. 20 [5e]86 x 123mmLangenes
090 Wielingen, quasi dicas Vort= / icas, Optimus Europæ totus, / portius mirabilisq Zelandiæ / Situs. / Beniamin Wright cælator. [5e] C. 21. [5d]83 x 120mmClaesz
091 NAMUR. [1e] C. 22. [5e]85 x 126mmLangenes
092 Marchionatus / SACRI IMPERII. [3e] C. 23. [5e]83 x 124mmVisscher
093 FRISIA.[5e] C. 24. [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
094 MECHLINIA / Dominum. [1e] C. 25. [5a]88 x 124mmVisscher
095 Ultrajectum. [5c] C. 26. [4e]87 x 125mmLangenes
096 Trans-Isula. D. [5e] C 27 [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
097 Fluvius Amasus navium ditis= / pimus, cum delineationæ Insu= / larum frisiam ambientium. [3a] C. / 28. [5e]83 x 119mmClaesz
098 Leodiensis / Dioecesis. [1e] C. 29 [5d]
85 x 122mmLangenes

Part D

099 GALLIÆ BELGICÆ / veteris accurata descriptio / P. Bertio auctori, amico suo colendo cælavit I. Hondius. [1e] d. 1 [5e]86 x 127mmLangenes

100 [Untitled Map Of France] d. 2 [5e]83 x 122mmLangenes
101 Caletensium et / Bononie[n]sium des. [5a] d. 3 [5e]84 x 122mmLangenes
102 PICARDIA. [1e] d. 4 [5e]84 x 122mmLangenes
103 VERO= / MA[N]DUI. [1c] d / 5. [5e]85 x 122mmLangenes
104 LOTHARINGIA. [1a] d. 6 [5d]85 x 123mmLangenes
105 NORMANDIA. [3a] d. 7 [5d]83 x 123mmLangenes
106 BRITANNIA. [1d] d. 8 [5d]83 x 124mmLangenes
107 ANIOU. [5a] d. 9. [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
108 BITURIGUM. [1a] d. 10 [5e]83 x 124mmLangenes
109 BURGUNDIÆ / DUCATUS [1e] d. 11. [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
110 BURGUNDIÆ COM. [5e] d. 12 [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
111 SAVOIE [1e] d. 13 [5e]83 x 123mmLangenes
112 Venuxinus / Comitatus. [2e] d. 14. [4e]84 x 123mmLangenes
113 [Untitled Map Of ‘ORANGE PRINCIPATUS’] d 15 [5d]83 x 122mmVisscher
114 Galliæ Narbone[n]= / sis descriptio. [1a] d 16 [5e]84 x 123mmLangenes
115 LIMANIA [5a] d 17 [5d]83 x 123mmLangenes
116 POICTOU [1e] d. 18. [4e]84 x 122mmLangenes
117 GASCONIA [5a] d. 19 [5e]84 x 123mmLangenes
118 HISPANIA. [5e] D 20 [5e]84 x 122mmLangenes
119 BISCAIA. [3a] D 21 [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
120 [Untitled View Of The Escurial Palace] D. 22 [4d]82 x 121mmLangenes
121 PORTUGALLIA. [1a] Petrus Kærius fecit. [1b] D / 23. [5e]83 x 121mmLangenes
122 Capo de montego / quinque milliaria dist= / stans ab a vero, Portugaliæ / civitas, sale abundans. [1e] Ben: Wri= fe= [3e] D. 24 [5e]85 x 118mmClaesz
123 ANDA= / LUZIA. [5a] d. 25 [5d]84 x 123mmLangenes
124 [Untitled Map Of ‘Baia de Cadiz’] D. 26. [5e]85 x 122mmLangenes
125 VALENTIA. [3e] D. 27. [5e]83 x 122mmLangenes
126 Majorcæ et Mi / norcæ descrip. [5e] D. 28 [4e]83 x 123mmLangenes

Part E

127 ITALIA. [5b] e. 1 [5e]83 x 121mmLangenes
128 SARDINIA. [1a] e. 2 [4e]85 x 120mmLangenes
129 CORSICA. [1e] e. 3 [5d]85 x 120mmLangenes
130 ELBA. [4b] e. 4 [5e]85 x 122mmLangenes
131 ISCHIA / insula. [1e] e 5. [5e]86 x 122mmLangenes
132 MALTA [1e] e. 6 [5e]86 x 123mmLangenes
133 SICILIA. [1e] e. 7 [5e]85 x 121mmLangenes
134 REGNUM NEA= / POLITANUM. [1e] Petrus / Kærius / cælavit. [2d] e 8 [5e]84 x 122mmLangenes
135 Roma= / num / terri= / torium. [5d] P. Kærius scul. [3e] e 9 [5d]84 x 122mmLangenes
136 APRUTIUM. [4d] P. Kaerius fe. [1e] e. 10 [4e]86 x 122mmLangenes
137 MARCHA ANCONÆ, / OLIM PICENUM. 1572. [1a] P. Kærius fe. [5a] e. 11 [5d]84 x 121mmLangenes
138 PERUSIA. [5d] Petrus / Kærius / cælavit. [4d] e / 12 [5d]85 x 121mmLangenes
139 ORVIETUM. [1e] e 13 [5e]85 x 122mmLangenes
140 SIENA. [5d] e. 14 [5e]85 x 122mmLangenes
141 TUSCIA. [5a] Petrus Kæri / us cælavit. [5b] e. 15 [4e]85 x 122mmLangenes
142 Ducatus / Mediolanen / sis finitimaru[m] / que regionu[m] / Descriptio. a.o 1596. [1b] P: Kærius [1a] e 16 [5e]85 x 122mmLangenes
143 Pede= / montii / descrip / tio. [1c] e. 17 [5e]85 x 122mmLangenes
144 CREMONEN / SIS AGER. [4b] Petrus / Kaerius cælavit. [5e] e. 18 [5d]86 x 121mmLangenes
145 CREMAE / AGER. [1a] P. Kaerius / cælavit. [1b] e. 19 [5d]85 x 121mmLangenes
146 LARIUS LACUS. [5e] P. Kaerius scul. [1e] e. 20 [4e]84 x 122mmLangenes
147 BRESCIANO. [1e] Petrus Kaerius cælavit. [2e] e. 21 [5d]85 x 122mmLangenes
148 VERONEN= / SIS AGER. [1a] e 22 [5d]84 x 122mmLangenes
149 PATAVINUM Ter. [1a] P. Kærius fe: [5e] e 23 [5d]85 x 120mmLangenes
150 VENETIA. [5e] Ben W. cælator [1e] e. 24. [5d]84 x 119mmClaesz
151 FORUM / IULII. [1a] e. 25 [5d]85 x 122mmLangenes
152 Illyricum. [1e] e .26 [5d]84 x 123mmLangenes
153 HISTRIA. [1e] e. 27 [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
154 SARA et ZEBENIC. [3e-4e] e. 28 [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
155 CORFU. [1a] e / 29 [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
156 CEFALONIA. [5a] e. 30 [5e]84 x 122mmLangenes
157 ZANTE / Insula. [1e] e. 31 [5e]85 x 125mmLangenes
158 CANDIA. [5e] e. 32 [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
159 [Untitled Map Of The Peloponnese] e. 33 [4e]84 x 122mmLangenes
160 GRÆCIA. [1e] e. 34. [5e]84 x 122mmLangenes

Part F

161 ASIA [1e] f.1 [5e]86 x 123mmLangenes
162 Ins. Vaygats [1a-2a] f. 2 [5e]85 x 121mmLangenes

163 RUSSIA. [5b] f. 3 [4e]84 x 123mmLangenes
164 TURCICUM / IMPERIUM. [1d] f. 4 [5e]84 x 124mmLangenes
165 NATO / LIA. [5e] f / 5. [5e]84 x 123mmLangenes
166 SCIO [1a] f. 6. [5e]85 x 125mmLangenes
167 RHODI [4b] Petrus Kæ= / rius cælavit. [2d] f. 7. [5e]84 x 123mmLangenes
168 CYPRUS. [5e] f. 8. [5e]84 x 122mmLangenes
169 PA= / LAES= / TINA. [4d] Petrus Kærius cæla. [4e] f. 9. [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
170 PERSIA. [5e] Petrus / Kærius cælavit. [5d] f / 10 [5d]84 x 123mmLangenes
171 TARTA / RIA. [1a] f 11 [4e]83 x 120mmLangenes
172 INDIA ORIEN. [2a] f. 12. [5e]86 x 122mmLangenes
173 CHINA / Regio Asie. [1a] Petrus Kæri / us cælavit. [1b] f. 13. [5e]85 x 122mmLangenes
174 IAPAN [5e] f. 14. [5e]86 x 124mmLangenes
175 Isle de Ladrones. [3a] f.15. [5e]90 x 121mmClaesz
176 NOVA GUI= / NEA ET IN. / SALOMONIS. / [scale bar] / Petrus Kærius cælavit. [5e] f / 16. [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
177 [Untitled Map Of ‘Baye la Bay’] f. 17. [5d]89 x 122mmClaesz
178 Insulæ Phi= / lippinae / [scale bar] Petrus / Kærius cælavit. [1a] f. 18. [5e]86 x 123mmLangenes
179 Moluccæ insulæ [5a] f. 19. [5e]85 x 124mmLangenes
180 [Untitled Map Of ‘INSVLÆ / TERNATI’ and ‘INSVLÆ / TIDORE’] Beniami[n] W: cælator [1e] f. 20. [5e]84 x 121mmClaesz
181 [Untitled Map Of Borneo] Petrus Kærius / cælavit. [4a] f. 21. [5d]86 x 125mmLangenes
182 [Untitled Map Of ‘BORNEO / INSULA’] B W fe. [1e] f. 22 [5d]80 x 116mmClaesz
183 [Untitled Map Of ‘La Baye de Isle et / Cito de Borneo.’] f. 23. [5e]91 x 122mmClaesz
184 [Untitled Map Of ‘Ciuitas Maduræ / ducta Risbaia’] Beniamin W= cælator. [4e] f. 24 [5e]83 x 121mmClaesz
185 IAVA / MAIOR [4e] f. / 25. [5e]85 x 120mmVisscher
186 SUMATRA / INSULA. [5e] Beniamin Wright cælator. [3e] f. 26. [5d]85 x 123mm
PM: 89 x 128
187 MALACCA. [5e] f. 27. [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
188 ARACAM. [1b] Petrus Kæri / us cælavit. [1a] f. 28. [5e]86 x 124mmLangenes
189 BENGALA. [3e] f. 29. [5e]85 x 124mmLangenes
190 Narsinga / et / Ceylon. [5a] Petrus Kærius / cælavit. [1b] f. 30 [5e]86 x 125mmLangenes
191 MALDIVAE INSULÆ [5e] f. 31. [5e]84 x 123mmLangenes
192 MALABAR. [5e] f. 32 [5e]85 x 124mmLangenes
193 CAMBAIA. [1e] f. / 33 [5e]86 x 125mmLangenes
194 ORMUS. [1e] f. 34 [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
195 ARABIA. [5e] f. 35. [5e]86 x 119mmLangenes
196 T’ LAND VAN / DE EENDRACHT. [5e] f. 36. [5d]91 x 132mmVisscher
197 Anthoni van Diemens Landt / aldaereerst beseylt ofte ontdeckt bÿ de / Schepen Heemskerck ende Zeehaen / den 24 November 1642. [1e-3e] f. 37. [5e]95 x 133mmVisscher

Part G

198 AFRICA. [5e] g. 1 [5e]85 x 123mmLangenes
199 AEGYPTUS. [1e] g. 2 [5e]85 x 122mmLangenes
200 Mare Rubrum. [4e-5e] g 3. [5e]83 x 122mmLangenes
201 Abissino / rum Im / perium. [1a] g 4. [5e]84 x 123mmLangenes
201 AFRICÆ PARS / meridionalior. [5e] g 5. [5e]85 x 122mmLangenes
203 Insulæ & Ars / Mosambique. [3a] Petrus Kærius cælavit. [5e] g. 6. [5d]85 x 124mmLangenes
204 BAIXOS DE IVDIA. [2a-4a] P K [5e] g 7. [5d] [Picture of a shipwreck]81 x
205 I. S. Laurentij [5a] Beniamin Wright cælator. [2e] g 8. [5d]85 x 122mmLangenes
206 Ins cÿgnæa Lusit= a nostris Maurity noimine / indigitata, sita ad gradum ab Equinoctiali / Meridien Versus inuenta et detecta Decima= / octava die mensis Septembris an[n]o 1598. [1e-3e] Beniamin Wright cælator. [5e] g. 9. [5d]85 x 123mmClaesz
207 Congi Regni / Christiani in A= / frica nova descri / ptio Auctore Phi= lippo Pigafetta. [1e] g. 10 [5e]83 x 120mmLangenes
208 SANCTA / HELENA. [5e] Beniamin W= cælator. [4e] g. 11 [5e]86 x 123 
a (ib): 10 x 27 
b (ib): 12 x 25mm
209 [Untitled Map Of ‘Ins. S.ti Thome’] g. 12 [5e]Map: 85 x 124 
Inset a: (ib): 14 x 28 
b: (ib): 11 x 34mm
210 [Untitled Map Showing Soldiers On ‘Isola del Principe’] g. 13 [5e]89 x 121mmClaesz
211 GUINEA [3e] g 14 [5e]86 x 122mmLangenes
212 Insulæ Capi / tis Viridis. [1a] g. 15. [5e]85 x 122mmLangenes
213 [Untitled Map Of The ‘Insulæ Cana = / riæ ol: For / tunatae.’] g. 16. [5e]83 x 120 
Inset (ib): 30 x 38mm
214 Insulæ Canariæ, cum vrbe / Allagoena, descripta cum a / classe ordinum. 26 Iunij / 1599 occuparetur. [1e] [‘INSULÆ CANARIÆ] [3A] B.W. cæla. [4]
g 17 [5d]
86 x 119mmClaesz
215 Barbaria. [5e] g. 18 [5e]86 x 123mmLangenes
216 Carthaginen= / sis sinus. [5e] g. 19 [5e]88 x 122mmLangenes
217 [Untitled Map Of ‘TERCERA’] Petrus Kærius fecit. [5e] g. 20 [5d]84 x 121mmLangenes

Part H

218 [Untitled Map Of The Americas] h. 1 [5e]83 x 122mmLangenes
219 TERRA NOVA. [5e] h. 2. [5e]86 x 123mmLangenes
220 MEXICANA. [1e] h. 3 [4e]83 x 122mmLangenes
221 Insularum Cubæ, Hispaniolæ / Jucatanæ & circumjacen / tium describtio. [5e] h. 4 [5e]83 x 121mmLangenes
222 CUBA / INSULA / [scale bar] / Petrus Kærius cæla. [1e] anno / 1597. [2c] h. 5. [5e]83 x 122mmLangenes
223 HAVANA / PORTUS / Beniamin Wright cælator. [1e] h. 6. [5e]83 x 121mmClaesz
224 AITY SIVE / SPANIOLA. [1a] P. Kæri. cælavit. [5e] h / 7 [5e]86 x 122mmLangenes
225 AITY SIVE / SPANNIOLA. [1e] h. 8 [5e]83 x 120mmClaesz
226 Diui Ioannis de porto Ricco / diuite portu[m], ad vivúm expr= / essús per G. de Veer, a 1601. [1e] Ben= W= cælator. [5e] h. 9. [5d]83 x 121mmClaesz
227 Effigies promo[n]torij Port’ regij, Salinis satentis, / sponta[n]eis in valle vnde solo labores pretio petitur. / Item prom: dicti de tres puntas Insulæ quoq Margarita / et insulaæ Albæ, cum profundis, vadis et scopulis. [3e-5e] [‘S. MARGARETA’] [2d] Beniamin W= cælator. [1e] h. 10 [5e]83 x 120mmVisscher
228 [Untitled Map Of South America] h 11 [5d]82 x 121mmLangenes
229 Commenogata, ubi optima cres= / cit Nicotiana. Vulgo tabaco duta / herba, maximaq copia. [5e] B= W= cælator. [2e] h 12 [5e]84 x 121mmClaesz
230 PONTARAYA [3b] h. 13. [5e]85 x 121mmVisscher
231 BRASILIA. [5e] h. 14 [5d]83 x 124mmLangenes
232 Fernambuco, aut ut / quidam malunt, Perna / mb’ Portus Brasiliæ / celeberimus delineatus / per Gerardum Veriu[m] / 1601. [3c] B.W. cælator.
[4e] h. 15. [5d]
84 x 120mmClaesz
233 BAYA / de totos os Sanctos. [1a] h. 16 [5d]87 x 119mmVisscher
234 [Untitled Map Of ‘Rio Ianero’ harbour] h. 17 [5e]88 x 123mmClaesz
235 FRETUM MA= / GELLANICUM / [scale bar] / Petrus Kærius cælavit. [5e] h 18 [4e]85 x 123mmLangenes
236 Exquisita, et magno aliqu= / ot mensium periculo lustra= / ta et iam retecta Fret f f f / Magellanici Facies. [5e] Beniamin W= cælator [3e] h. 19 [5e]89 x 120mmClaesz
237 CHILI et / PATAGO= / NUM regio. [5e] h 20 [4e]83 x 123mmLangenes
238 La Moche en / Chili. [3a] h / 21 [5d]90 x 123mmClaesz
239 Ins. S. Mariæ 12 leucas / in circuitu patens, 37 gr= / adeui ad Austrum ab / Equatore subiace[n]s, an= / nonæ ferax, á nauar= / eho Catero expugnata / 2. Iuly a.o 1599. [1a] [‘S. MARIÆ’] [3a] Beniamin Wright cælator. [5e] h. 22 [5d]87 x 118mmClaesz
240 PERU. [5e] h. 23 [5e]87 x 121mmLangenes
241 CERRO DE POTOSI. [2b-4b] h. 24 [5d]84 x 121mmLangenes
242 I. S. Clara. [3a] h 25 [5e]90 x 123mmClaesz
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